Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I May Have A Scrap Problem... September Progress & October Goals

Hi, all!

It's hard to believe that September is drawing to a close, but it is!  Fall is rushing in, Christmas is eighty-seven days away, and it will soon be quilting season again...  I'm still working on organizing and using up my scraps and hope to get a few more quilts out of them before the end of the year.  How about you?

At the end of August, I had a few goals that I hoped to reach.  My first one was to sew up at least one stadium/picnic quilt using the leftover pieces of t-shirts from all the t-shirt quilts I've been making this summer.  

I'm really happy with the way this one came out!  Since we will be heading to the beach next week, I had the idea to make these into a beach blanket.  This quilt is backed with muslin and has no batting, so it's big (84" square) but not too heavy and can be washed and dried pretty easily.  Scrappy binding used up more of my scraps and finished it off with a little bit of color!

I also wanted to turn this little bit of scrap play into a quilt top... And today, I did!

I'm really liking this - and I hope I can quilt it in a way that really enhances it!  I've got a back made and it's ready to go on the frame, but I don't know if I'll have time to do it before vacation.  At any rate, it will get quilted soon!

I wanted to make 20 more blocks for the string quilt, but that didn't happen.

I wanted to pull fabrics for Lilli's annual quilt, and I did get to that this month.  I also put together a design in Excel for her quilt that I'm really happy with...

She wants a quilt with photographs of her "when she was little" on it, so I'm going to use the mid-size and large blocks on this quilt for photographs.  I think this will be a great scrap buster quilt, which should make a healthy dent in my scrap bins!

And I did sign up for Rachel Hauser's Patchwork from Scrap class - I'm hoping to watch all of it next week while I'm on vacation.  I haven't had time to see much of it yet, but what I've seen, I love!!

I also received a wonderful surprise in September - a box of Latitude scraps from Kate Spain herself!  So part of the month I spent pressing and organizing those scraps so they are ready to be used.  

So that's what happened scrappy around here in September.  In October, I'm going to be working on a memory quilt for a woman whose husband died a year ago, using his ties to make a quilt like this one...

This was such a great pattern, and I think it will make up beautifully with men's ties.  I'll be spending the car ride to the beach and back deconstructing those ties so they are ready to be used.  This one has to be finished by October 30th, so it's the primary goal for the month.

I'll also be working on Lilli's annual quilt, which should eat up a lot of scraps.  I plan to make the smaller blocks as a sort of leader/ender project, so if I have my pieces cut out, I can sew them up as I go.  So the first step is to cut the pieces I need from the scraps I pulled in September.

I'd love to play with the Latitude scraps, too, if I have time.  I've been rolling some designs around in my mind and as soon as I lock on to one, I hope to start working on it.

So that's my progress for September, and my goals for October.  And now it's your turn - what have you been working on?  What are you hoping to do in October?  Link up below and let us know - and if you're not ready to link up, be sure to check out all the other links and cheer them on!  Let's tame that scrap monster together!




  1. Oh, my goodness, I'm exhausted and I haven't even started my day yet! You accomplished enough for both of us! I really do have a scrap problem and it just gets worse and worse because I can't seem to make the time to even attempt to tame it. I just keep digging through and increasing mess!

  2. OK, so... No batting on the T-quilt/Stadium Blanket to make it light weight. That sound comfy! What about stabilizer? Did you include that? I've thought about not, but haven't tried it yet. I'd like your feedback.

  3. Your blue scrap play top is wonderful!!!!

  4. you get done with so much. I would have to work every hour of the day to do as much and I only work on my quilts a couple hours a day if even that. Let us know how you like that class. I have several boxes of scraps to cut down into usable sizes - the thing keeping me from using them I think is that they all have to be pressed before I can cut.

  5. What is the pattern that you are using for the ties??? I have a box of my fathers ties, that I need to use one day (with some of his shirts, too).

  6. That t-shirt scrap quilt sounds like it must be really comfy. Great use of what might otherwise get tossed. Enjoy your vacation!

  7. Question -- what happened to the list of blogs on the left side of your posts? I always visit your site and then jump over to that list to check others!


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