Monday, April 19, 2010

What Have I Learned Today?

Hi, all!

What have I learned today? Two important things...........

One, great big blocks (my Shoo-Fly quilt blocks) show mistakes in super-size too! I learned that you have to be much more precise in super-size than in normal size. Thanks heaven for seam rippers!! All is well now and I should have the first one up in pics soon.....

Second, you can keep a two-year old occupied for hours with a couple of jars of old buttons and a muffin pan! Lilli had a great time sorting out buttons by color, shape, number of holes, "mine" and "yours" and some classifications I haven't even figured out yet! Who knew?

Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow - I bought some new shelving units for my dining room that will hopefully help to sort out and disguise the sewing stuff that ends up in there. Pics soon!!



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  1. Kids and buttons go so well together ! Good luck with the shelving good luck disguising a mini fabric store , lol !


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