Monday, October 1, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Buckling Down!!

Hi, all!

How does Monday get here so fast?  Seems like it should only be Wednesday....  oh well, time flies when you're having fun!!  It's been wonderful to be back at the long arm again - Jolene missed me, I think!!

Let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Quilt five ministry quilts currently needed.
Done!  I finished these four, and
I also quilted a top that went to New Orleans on Saturday 
with the senior high mission trip.

2.  Finish piecing the brown dump-n-sew quilt top.
Done!  (picture below!)

3.  Piece a low-volume dump-n-sew top.
Still working on this one - in between other stuff....

4.  Locate a child's top in the to-be-quilted tops and quilt it for a ministry need.

5.  Quilt the two dump-n-sew tops from above.
Half-done!  I got the brown dump-n-sew top finished.

Isn't that backing pretty?  A beautiful flannel...
Since I made this one using some scrap bags of strips, I'm linking it up with Megan's September Jelly Roll Party!

6.  Quilt one extra quilt for next fall's long-term ministry project.
Didn't get to this one...

So now let's see what I need to do this week....

1.  Quilt a man's quilt for the ministry.

2.  Quilt a woman's quilt for the ministry.

3.  Finish piecing and quilt the low volume dump-n-sew quilt top.

4.  Quilt three baby tops for the ministry.

That's all the quilting I think I can get to this week - because I'm also working on mucking out my junk room (previously my tiny sewing space!)  This has been hanging on for way too long - and now I need the space for other things.  I'm hoping to hire a strong young back next week to help haul stuff downstairs and to move some furniture, but I've got to get the cleaning done first!  So that's a priority for this week.  Wish me luck - and if you don't hear from me soon, someone may need to come dig me out!

And I'm back to keeping Emmy again!!  Woohoo!!  We had fun today getting to know each other all over again - it took her a while to warm up and smile at me, but I had her giggling within an hour.  She's a lot of fun!!  She's started rolling since I kept her last - she rolled right off her play mat today!  Which means I'm going to have to start keeping a closer eye on her, for sure....

So that's what I'm up to this week - what are you working on?




  1. Sounds like you're off and running again! I always get out of breath just reading your posts :*) I so admire how much you and your group get done each week!

  2. I have to finish my Dresdan plate quilt this week. I'm almost done with the top, but after sewing the rows together, I went to square them up, and can't find my rotary cutter anywhere! I have to have the quilt finished by Friday at the latest!

  3. That scrappy log cabin looks so cozy and autumnal - I love it! I'm so glad that you're getting back to your regular routine of quilting and baby-sitting!

  4. Fantastic quilts for a great cause! I love the flannel on the back of the brown dump quilt!

  5. The brown dump and sew seems like a perfect cozy quilt for this time of year.

  6. i love your have greats quilts i love to learn quilting ever since.

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  7. Way to go! Sounds like you will need some rest this weekend!!!


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