Friday, August 23, 2013

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Lots of Baby Quilts...

Hi, all!

Friday again - can you believe it?  The weeks go by so fast! Do you realize that there's only about four months until Christmas?  Eek!!  Well, I see lots of finishes in my near future - and I imagine you do too! 


This week seems to have been my week for baby quilts!

First up is this cute pair of quilts made using the Noodle Quilt tutorial for a pair of newborn twins!  The quilts use the same focus fabric, but have different color pinwheels.

I'm also very happy to say that I had this cute teddy bear corduroy in my stash - a long term resident, it's been there about ten years - and I had just enough of it, with a contrasting strip added to each, to make backs for both quilts!

And next is this quilt, which will make its way into my Etsy shop very soon...

It's made with some of the ombre fabric in V & Co.'s Simply Color line.  A simple patchwork made interesting through the subtle shading of color!

Because the quilt top was so simple, I wanted to do something interesting with the quilting.

Straight-line cross-hatching, with some angular spirals and double-stitched boxes....

I also used some vintage Irish linen from my grandmother's stash for the back.  It shows off the quilting nicely, and will get softer and softer with each washing!

And one more picture, just because it's pretty!!

So that's what I've been working on this week!  
Can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!  

What's made you dance the happy dance this week?

What made you whistle while you worked?

Share with us!  We want whistle along with you!!

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  1. I love your ombre quilt Sarah! Definitely subtle shading of color - and it works perfectly :*) The quilting is exactly what it needed too. The twins' quilts are delightful - I am sure they will treasure them! You earned your Whoop! Whoop! this week for sure :*D

  2. Love the turquoise one!
    Sad sad... I can't whistle ;)
    So I whoop whoop :)

  3. Love those baby quilts and the teddy bear is so cute. As always, thank you for hosting the linky party. Have a great weekend. Marie

  4. Love the quilting on your Ombre quilt, such a simple idea but so beautiful.

  5. That quilt is beautiful! I can't whistle, so I don't normally whistle I work! LOL

  6. Whoop! Whoop! Three great finishes? Whoop! One more whoop was required... Ha, ha! The quilts for the twins - great idea to make them the same, but different. And I love the Ombre quilt, too. Blue is my favourite colour. The quilting really makes it all that more special. Great job on all!

  7. Very cute quilts! Doesn't it feel good to use a longtime resident of the stash on just the right thing? I'm fiddling around, trying out some free-form curved piecing which may end up to be a baby quilt for donation, if I can make it that big. We'll see!

  8. Lots of finishes of lovely quilts! Funny I did a baby thing too for my post.


  9. Great quilts and lovely work on the beautiful blues!

  10. Can't whistle and love peace and quiet when I work! I don't even listen to music.

    I bookmarked that tutorial when you first had it on your blog. Those quilts are so cute.

    I'll have to dig into my old corduroy stash. Forgot I even had it!! Thanks for the reminder.

    Unique and creative quilting on the blue color study gives it a great look.

    Congrats on your finishes!

  11. Dang it, I really need to learn how to whistle!!! I needed it today... Great finishes woman, as usual. Whoop Whoop!!!

  12. Beautiful baby quilts! You have been busy, girl!

  13. Just wonderful! Love the ombre one.

  14. Great baby quilts! Love it when you can use something from the stash and it works so well!

  15. Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting!


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