Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Make-A-List Monday - on Tuesday! Internet Issues....

Hi, all!

Welcome to Tuesday!! I had intended to post this on Monday night, but my internet was wonky at home and I've just now had time to get somewhere with functioning internet service!  But it's all good now...  I'm thankful for free Wi-Fi at McDonalds!

It’s been a very busy and eventful week for us, as some of you who follow me on Instagram already know!  Because Monday, I became…

...Nana to three fabulous kids!

My daughter and son-in-law completed the Chinese legalities to adopt Nathanael Monday!  They still have some hoops to jump through to get him into the U.S., which will take several days and involve some more travel throughout China.  

They are loving their time with Nathanael, although missing their little girls, who are missing them right back, but doing well staying with us and their other grandparents.  Papa is determined to spoil them as much as humanly possible, while Nana is just trying to keep everyone on an even keel......  ;-)

In two days, Nathanael has already picked up the signs for “more”, “water”, “light”, and “open” (I’ve got some catching up to do!) so he’s eager to learn and communicate.  

Since I played mom/chauffeur/cook/tutor/etc. for the better part of last week, I had a short list.  Let’s see how it went!

1.  Finish the gift quilt.
Done!  I haven’t given it to her yet, but I’ll be blogging about this later today - with a giveaway!!

2.  Check with a local fabric shop to see if I can hang out in their space while Emmy is in preschool for the next two weeks.
Done!  The Hancock Fabrics in Murfreesboro, TN is allowing me to use their classroom during Emmy’s school!  Yipee!  They sure are nice folks there!

3.  Prepare projects I can take with me to work on while Emmy is in preschool.
Done!  My main focus will be the repair work on the antique crazy quilt, but I’ve also got some flimsies for the quilt ministry that need some work, and some signature blocks to cut out.  And blogposts to write, and a tutorial to prepare.... oh, I don't think I'll be bored at all!

4.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.
Done!  We gave away several quilts this week…

This quilt went to the mother of a young woman who was killed in a traffic accident near our church; she isn’t in good health and this has hit her hard.

This quilt went to a relatively young woman who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer…

This quilt went to an elderly gentleman who is nearing the end of his life…

An elderly lady who just won’t slow down is now wrapped up in this quilt. She has broken neck bones and other health problems, but insists on living at home and actually does more than her healthcare providers want her to.

And this quilt went to a woman who is suffering from severe panic attacks. Our hope is that this quilt will remind her that she is surrounded by God’s love and the prayers of many people when she is feeling overwhelmed.

So - I did manage to get to everything on last week’s list!  This week’s list will be short as well, but let’s see what’s on tap…

1.  Start repairs on the antique crazy quilt.
2.  Cut out 400 signature blocks.
3.  Write a tutorial for the pennant quilt.
4.  Work on a quilting design for the black stained glass quilt.
5.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.

I’d love to get all of this done this week, but it may not happen - because this week is Quilt Week in Paducah, KY!!  Yipee!!  I’ll be going up Friday and taking a class with Judi Madsen that night, then spending part of Saturday there too.  I can’t wait!    If you’re going to be in Paducah on Friday or Saturday, please let me know in a comment - maybe we can get together!  And FYI, if you do go to Paducah, stop by Shannon’s booth, Fabric N Quilts, in the big bubble.  Tell her I sent you, and she’ll have a cool freebie gift for you!!  And remember, we’re celebrating her new shop website with a giveaway on May 1st, so take a selfie with her for an extra entry to my giveaway!! 

Oh, and I have one more thing to add to that list - I’ll have a special blogpost later today to introduce you to Christina Cameli’s new pattern - and there will be a giveaway, too!!  So be sure to check back and see her wonderful design!

So now, the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Congratulations on your new grandson it sounds like you are super busy and I'm amazed you have time for Paducah, wish I was going but I am missing it again this year.

  2. Congrats on the new addition to the family! I'm impressed by how much you've gotten done this week, I know I wouldn't be able to focus enough to be nearly so productive. And how kind of the store to let you work there!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Praying for all of you.

  4. Congratulations Sarah - Nathanael looks like a sweetheart.

    I finally finished the Sweet 16 quilt and have decided to give it to my niece who has cancer. Thank you for inspiring me to give away quilts. I prayed as I pieced it, so now it is a prayer quilt. :)

  5. You always have so much on your plate - and manage it all so well. Skip the tutorial for a bit and focus on more important things. Glad to hear you are getting some ME time with all this. Enjoy Paducah

  6. Congrats, I am sure you will have years of joy and happiness!

  7. So much exciting news and quality time with the grands. I agree with Sharon...skip the tutorial for a bit. :)It's all good.

  8. Congratulations, Sarah! I'm a wee bit jealous of your classes- I tried to get into one of them but I was too late. Maybe I'll have better luck in Chattanooga. :-)

  9. I know you can hardly wait to wrap you arms around that sweet little man. So happy that the final steps are being taken and he will be in the great state is Tennnessee soon. You constantly amaze me with how much you get accomplished! Love reading your blog.

  10. Signing those legal papers was something I'll never forget and I'm betting that they won't either. The trip will fly by faster than they think. I can't wait to hear more about how it is going and how he is doing.

  11. I can't wait to see a pic when Nathanial is finally home and meeting his sisters.

  12. Dang, you are SO busy! Nathanael looks like he could be a handful. There's an impish twinkle in those eyes of his. ;- )

    I'm curious about the pattern for that quilt of heart blocks that you gave away this week. Can I find that online somewhere?

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