Sunday, March 27, 2016

He Is Risen!!!

"Can you imagine the divine appointment as God called out the names of two of His cherubim and beckoned them before the throne, then sent them to earth to guard the most precious body that ever lived?  Surely as the body of their beloved lay in that tomb, those two angels stood constant guard, one at the head, one at the feet, facing one another with wings outstretched, feet practical melted into position, eyes cast solidly in one direction.  Surely their gaze never wavered from the One they adored.  Their eyes were fixed securely on His own.  Not a single angelic muscle must have twitched, awaiting the Father's promise.  

Then those eyes - - - those penetrating eyes that saw the pain of a leprous man, the eyes that set free a woman at a well, the eyes that saw a "rock" instead of a fumbling disciple - - - those piercing eyes began to open.  And with the sound of mighty, rushing waters, their wings propelled them straight into the heavens with the dearest cry a pair of spiritual ears would never hear:  HE IS RISEN!"

Quoted from A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place
(updated edition) 
by Beth Moore
Copyright 2007 by LifeWay Press


In the midst of family, food, Easter egg hunts and new clothes, 
keep in mind the true reason we celebrate.  

Have a joyous Easter!


  1. Happy Resurrection Day! Truly what we rejoice to remember. Have a sweet day with your family. He is risen and gives us abundant life!

  2. He is risen, indeed! May we always carry that joy and promise within us.

  3. Beautiful, Thank you for sharing. I love my God.

  4. Thanks for this. He is risen indeed!

  5. Lovely, thanks for sharing this wonderful promise of the risen Christ.


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