Monday, October 20, 2014

Make-A-List Monday - Back to the Routine!

Hi, all!

Well, it's Monday, and I'm still alive!  Woohoo!!  And the house is clean, so I don't have to worry about that for a while - double woohoo!!  Last week was crazy and I'm glad to see things getting back to the normal routine for a while. And it's time for

So let's get right down to it and see how last week's list went...

1.  Call the drywall guy!
Nope!  As many of you kindly reminded me, it's smart to get the leak fixed first before having the drywall repaired… I've had no luck getting the roofer out yet, but the insurance adjuster did come by today, so at least things are moving along!

2.  Finish the cleaning and decorating for the fundraiser.
Done!  And you know, I didn't take a single picture of how the house looked set up!  So now there's no proof….  ;-)

3.  Work on the commission quilt.
In progress!  I've put together all the components, now it's time to start assembling the blocks.

4.  Do the backstitching on Nathanael's stocking.
In progress!  I'e done about half of the backstitching, and hope to get it finished this week.  This is what I work on in the evenings!

5.  Take photos of the quilts to sell for the adoption fund at my friend's barn.
I didn't get to this one, mainly because we had pretty nasty weather here until Friday, and I spent all day Friday cooking!  But it's on the schedule for tomorrow morning.

6.  Quilt two quilts for the ministry.
I didn't get to this one at all.  Bad quilter!

7.  Keep up with ministry needs as they arise.
Done!  This quilt went to a gentleman battling cancer; it was pieced by Marie and quilted by her husband, Tommy…

This quilt went to a young man who had knee surgery this week; it was pieced by Deb…

That's Piper, photobombing this pic!

This beautiful orphan block quilt went to a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer; the blocks came from Sharon and were arranged and pieced together by the Orphan Block Queen, Rita…

Those are beautiful paper-pieced butterflies and moths!

This quilt went to a woman who diagnosed with throat cancer…

This one is going to a 10 year old girl with a serious genetic disorder…

And this pretty quilt is now gracing the bed of a woman who just had back surgery.

Whew!  Quite a few this week!  For those of you interested, we are up to 266 for the year and 938 all-time - only 62 left until we have given away 1000!!

8.  Work on posts for a giveaway/fundraiser coming later this week.  Stay tuned!!
Done!  If you missed the post, you can see it here.  There's still time to get in the running for a $25 gift certificate to Noonday Collection, if you are interested.  Details are in the post.

OK - like I said, it will be good to get back to "normal" around here!  Let's see what's on tap for this week…

1.  Contact repair people to get quotes for the damage repair work in the garage.

2.  Take photos of the quilts to sell for the adoption at my friend's barn.

3.  Finish the back-stitching on Nathanael's stocking.

4.  Assemble the blocks for the commission quilt.

5. Write up an estimate for another t-shirt commission quilt.

6.  Quilt two quilts for the ministry.

7.  Complete a quilt top for the ministry.

8.  Participate in a Jelly Roll Race at church tonight with my Sewing Siblings!

9.  Keep up with all ministry needs that may arise.

A busy week once again, but it will feel much more normal to be spending time behind my sewing machine than it did spending it behind the vacuum cleaner!

So now, the question is… what are YOU working on this week??



Friday, October 17, 2014

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Some of Last Week's Lovelies...

Hi, all!

Here it is, Friday again - and you know what that means!

That's right - it's time to get your whoop whoop on!
Unfortunately, I didn't get much done that I can show off this week  - I did manage to get the girlies' annual quilts cut out on our vacation, and also cut out the commission quilt and started sewing the block components together this week.  But nothing much camera worthy.
The picture at the top is one of the tops that was donated for us to auction to raise money for Nathanael's adoption, and it was pretty, so it's my art for the day.
And I have also spent a lot of time this week cleaning house, getting ready for a Noonday Collection fundraiser party for my daughter.  If you'd like to read about Noonday Collection and how it's helping us do Christmas, Intentionally, click here to read my blog post from Thursday.  You might even choose to participate and become eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to Noonday Collection!

But you all provided some lovely inspiration this week, so I'm going to share some of your pretties!!

This beautiful string quilt by Alycia of Alycia Quilts...

This wonderfully colorful quilt from Jan of I Quilt For Fun...

An awesome shirting quilt from Katy of Katy Quilts...

And this amazing feather quilt by Sophie of Sophie Junction!

There was so much more beauty linked up last week, but I need to get this posted so I can work up a quilt pattern for a friend!


And now it's your turn!

What have you been working on this week?

What's got you dancing the happy dance?

Share with us - we want to dance right along with you!

The linky party will stay open until Sunday midnight - 

Hope to see you there!



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Christmas, Intentionally!

Hi, all!

I don't know about you, but when I start thinking about Christmas presents, I think about how we (personally) always seem to go overboard each year.  So many presents are given that the value and meaning of each seems to get lost.  So this year, I'm trying to be a bit more intentional in my gift giving.  I'm giving each person fewer gifts, but trying to put more thought into each one.  I'm making gifts when I can. And when I purchase a gift, I'm trying to purchase wisely, and where my money can make a difference not only for the person I'm gifting, but also the people who created the item I'm buying.  

And that's why I'm buying many of my gifts from Noonday Collection this year.  

Noonday Collection states that their mission is to use fashion and design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable.  They provide labor at a living wage, no-interest loans, scholarship programs, emergency assistance and long term trade relationships for 28 artisan groups in ten countries.  They also give a portion of sales from adoption trunk shows to help place children in their forever homes - which explains how I became aware of this company.  

I went to the Noonday Collection show that my daughter hosted as her one of her fundraisers - and I was blown away by the beauty and quality of the jewelry, accessories and bags that this company sells.  Hopefully you know by now that I would not promote anything that I didn't believe in wholeheartedly - I like this product and the company so much that for a (brief, totally insane) moment, I actually considered becoming a representative! 

At a Noonday Collection party, you get to see, feel, and try on many of the jewelry, accessories and purses that the company sells.  You can see the beautiful quality in each item.  And believe me, you'll have a hard time whittling down your "want" list!  Of course, I'm a sucker for glittery things, as my husband will tell you…

This bracelet is one of my absolute favorites!  It's made with paper wrapped beads on memory wire, so it retains its shape, and it doesn't clamp down on my wrist when I move my hand.  I think this will be coming home to my house very soon!

And you'll never guess what this sparkly evening clutch is made of - it's woven with repurposed cassette tape!  I never would have guessed that when I picked it up to look at it more closely.  

And this necklace is made of up-cycled metal and artillery - could you ever imagine bullet casings being remade into something so beautiful? 

And oh, this bag - how gorgeous is that?  Beautifully woven and handcrafted, with room enough to hold just about everything and a little bit more - I love it!!


This Saturday, I'll be hosting a Noonday Collection party at my house - which is why I've been cleaning like a mad-woman!  

I would so love it if each and every one of you could come to my house and enjoy some good food and try on these beautiful pieces.  Unfortunately, that's not an option for most of you!

But - if you're interested in being a bit more intentional in your Christmas giving this year, and in being a part of this adoption fundraiser, you can join in the fun by ordering on-line!

Simply go to the Noonday Collection site, make your choices, then be sure that Rebecca Daniels is listed as the ambassador and type in Sarah Craig in the trunk show information.  That way, the sales will get credited to my show, and 20% of the sales will go to help bring home our Chinese grandson, Nathanael!

And I have a special bonus for one of my "virtual" party guests - if you make a purchase, your name will be put in the hat to win a $25 Noonday Collection gift certificate!  The winner can use it to buy a little something for herself - I won't tell!!  

My party is this Saturday, October 18th, but the on-line party will stay open until Thursday, October 23rd at midnight, CST.  I'll announce the winner of the $25 gift certificate on Monday, October 27th!

By the way, this isn't a sponsored post - I'm not receiving any compensation from Noonday Collection.  The gift certificate is a gift from me to whoever wins, as a thank you for helping us #bringNathanaelhome!

Are you doing anything special this year to make your Christmas intentional?  I'd love to hear about your plans!!  Do you know of a company like Noonday Collection that benefits others through your purchases?  Let us know about them too!