Monday, August 23, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #9!

Hi, all!

Ouch - last week was not nearly as productive as I wanted it to be!  I think I overestimated how quickly I could do some quilting - that will teach me!!  Here's the run-down:

1.  Quilt and bind the sudoku quilt for the quilt ministry.  I did get this done - and it turned out just lovely!  For some reason this quilt turned out very light and soft - almost as if it knows it's going to someone in a lot of pain....

2.  Quilt and bind the "Sail On" quilt flimsy.  I did get started on the quilting - it's about halfway done!  Getting the quilt sandwich done on this one was a bear - it's really a lot bigger than the quilts I'm used to making!

3.  Sew together the blocks for my Bee Splendid quilt, now that all the blocks are completed.  I did not get started on this - I think I need to set up a design wall to arrange the blocks.  The dogs keep trying to lay on them when I lay it on the floor!!

4.  Prepare the sashing for my Simple Sampler Quilt Along blocks and put together the two flimsies.  Was this really on my list?  I completely missed this one!

5.  Quilt two flannel baby quilt flimsies for the quilt ministry.  I did get two baby quilts done this week - one was a flimsy my friend Cassie made, and the other flimsy I pieced - both were quilted, bound, and delivered today!

So - - - can I come up with a more realistic list this week?

1.  Process more fabric for inclusion in the stash with my friend (hooray for friends who want to come over and cut!!)

2.  Choose fabrics and cut pieces for two-three more ministry quilts.

3.  Lay out my design for my Bee Splendid quilt top.

Let's stop there and see if I can get this much done this week! Considering I'm also hosting our monthly bunco game, I'd better leave some time for house-cleaning this week.....




  1. I am really loving those paisley prints in that first quilt. That border is cool!

    #2 is really not one but 2-3 things, so you've still got quite the impressive list!

  2. You did fine with your list imo. Sheesh, I get tired just reading your lists. :-)


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