Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quilting "Green"!!

Hi, all!

It's not a usual day for a post from me, but I couldn't resist passing on this blog post I just read on Stash Manicure.   You have got to check it out - Rae Ann has some of the best ideas for "renew, reuse, recycle" that I've ever seen!!  And it's all stuff you've probably got already...... the best kind!!

And - my recipient got her package in the mail, so I can finally show off some pics -

This cute little pincushion was made using Spun Sugar Quilts' giant pincushion sew along!  All done by hand, most of it sitting on the boat enjoying the nice weather.....  See the turtles swimming along the side?  My friend loves turtles, and when I saw this fabric, it just screamed her name to me!!  And the little turtle button nestled in the middle was languishing in my button box - he's so happy to be out in the open now!

I highly recommend this project if you need a little hand-work to take with you somewhere - it doesn't take a lot of fabric, skill or time - and it makes a great gift!  Who can't use a really cute pincushion?  Or, if you want to be creative like my granddaughter, it can be a hat, a frisbee, a cushion for sitting on.......  the possibilities are endless!!



PS - keep an eye on the blog archive count - it's getting close to 100, and that means "giveaway time"!!

And yet another PS - my husband tells me that talking about something on my blog is likely to catch the eye of people with power - so here's my birthday wish list -

An AccuQuilt GO! fabric cutter!!  If you haven't seen this all over blogland yet, check it out on the AccuQuilt website - it's amazing!  As much fabric as we process for our ministry quilts, it would be a godsend.....   So anyway, I'm entering giveaways like a crazy woman, trying to win one.  If you know of a giveaway, leave a comment and let me know where it is - I may have missed it!  (Do you think my hubby suggested this so I'd quit hinting to him about it? lol!)

And here's one giveaway going on for the GO! Cutter - check out A Quilting Life!


  1. I just read Rae Ann's post and rescued a strawberry container from the garbage! Your post over there was terrific, too:)

  2. What a cute pincushion! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Adorable pincushion! I can see why your friend was so pleased. :-)

  4. great pincushion!! did you machine piece it? how did that go for you? let me know :)

  5. That pincushion is so cute, and sounds perfect for your friend with the turtle theme. How cool is that button!

    I hope you win a GO cutter, Sarah. I know you'd really put it to good use with your quilt ministry.

  6. I love the pincushion you made. I also wish you luck for your trials in winning a GO!, I told someone on their blog earlier that if I had a dollar for every giveaway I've entered to win a GO!, I'd be able to buy one and not try my chance at luck in giveaways! Check my blog sidebar as I pop any giveaways I enter up there! Do you enter the one on Accuquilts FB every friday? I try to! Good luck. Hugs Naomi


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