Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #2! Tuesday's Treasures, and Giveaways!

Hi, all!

Whew!! I did not waste this Toddlerless Tuesday AT ALL!!!  A friend of mine came over to help, and we sorted through a table full of donated fabric, cutting and folding and sorting by color and boxing by cut.  Here's what we started with:

Scary, isn't it??  To see what we ended up with, tune in to Stash Manicure this Friday - I'll be guest blogging there and I'll have finished pics and some information about what we did in detail.

And Now, Tuesday's Treasures...

I also want to throw my two cents in on Tuesday's Treasures - I've really enjoyed choosing just which "treasure"to show you pictures of.  This week, I've decided to show you one of my favorite sewing machines.  This machine was bought for me by my lovely and wildly intelligent daughter, who spotted it at a yard sale and thought I might enjoy it!  You know how sometimes someone hits the nail right on the head when giving you a gift?  Well this was one of those times!  So let me introduce you to Sweet Charity.....

Isn't she lovely?  I named her Sweet Charity because she's a grand old lady, deserving of a lovely old-fashioned name, and my daughter found her at a yard sale raising money for a friend's Ethiopian adoption.

Look at the detailing on this baby!  There's more on the back, too, similar to this.  And there's a small box built into the side of the case that had six (yes, six!) original attachments for the machine, and a user's manual!  It even came with the wooden hood/cover for the machine - I guess this was one of Singer's first "portable" sewing machines!  I took it in to the shop, where they put a new belt on it, did a tune-up and check up and gave it back to me good as new!  

And finally, a couple of giveaways.....

If you've been out there in blogland at all, you've probably seen the AccuQuilt Go! Cutter being demo'd on lots of blogs!  Well, two (that I know of!) are currently doing a giveaway - so go check them out!

Karrie Lyne at Freckled Whimsy has one to give away....

And so does Heather at A La Mode Fabric!!

So even though it makes the odds higher, be sure to go check out these giveaways!!!




  1. Sweet Charity is indeed a gorgeous treasure ! She is stunning and looks very well care !
    Thanks very much for introducing us and playing along .

  2. The Singer Sewing machine is very beautiful - not too different from the one I learnt to sew on!! Hugz

  3. she is a beautiful old lady!
    What a wonderful daughter to get you this beauty.

  4. I read your post over at Stash Manicure and I am going to have some fabric to give up. You know you want to keep it but you just have to give some up. I see you're in Tenessee or at least I think that's right. Where in Tenessee are you? You can reach me at bevwalks@aol.com

  5. i am in love with your sewing machine!!!! i have one like it but it has a shuttle instead of a bobbin and i can not figure out how to work it.

    and i promise i have not forgotten about you and the fabric i have to send....i just have not had a chance this week to get to the post office....lots of doctors appointments. forgive me? i will try my hardest to get there tomorrow.

  6. I love your machine, I have a similar one but it has a knee control (there is a hole in the case for the simple metal rod to fit in to run the machine)


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