Monday, March 7, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #37! A very good week....

Hi, all!

I had such a productive week last week - it feels really good to be able to mark stuff off my list!!  Woohoo!!  

Here's how last week went.....

1.  Finish the red and white ministry quilt.
Done!  I think you've seen enough pics of this quilt, but if you want to see it again, I posted about it here.

2.  Cut kits for the two children's quilts.
Done!  But I didn't remember to take pics of the kits (oops!)

3.  Assemble the childrens' quilts, or pass them on to someone else to assemble.
Done!  One kit was handed off to my friend Pam to assemble, and I put this one together...

It's ready to be delivered today, for a 10-year old girl with cystic fibrosis.

4.  Make bee blocks and get them in the mail.
Done! I was so embarrassed that these didn't get out when they should - but they're finished and mailed - and a lot easier than I thought they would be!

5.  Piece a back for the double irish chain quilt and get it quilted.
Done!  It's ready for delivery...

This quilt makes the 22nd quilt we've made for the quilt ministry at church in 2011!  Whew!!

I also pieced a quilt top, a D9P, for another ministry quilt on Saturday, that wasn't on my to-do list last week.

And here's what needs to get done this week......

1.  Quilt and bind the D9P quilt top.

2.  Make a sports quilt for a 10-yr old boy with skin cancer.

3.  Write a pillow tutorial for Stash Manicure.

4.  Finish writing a quilt tutorial and post.

5.  Piece a back for my niece's first quilt.

6.  Quilt that quilt!!

I may not get all of this done, because my sewing ladies come over on Saturday, and sometime I'll have to clean house (boo hiss!) but it sure would be good if I could get to all of it!!

So - - - what are you working on this week???




  1. I really should start Reading my lists that I make.....

    I need to clean house too...may have company around Easter time (last of April)...may take me that long to clean!

  2. I love how the dancer quilt turned out! You did a good job on picking out a pattern for it. Your spiderweb blocks look fantastic!

  3. I found you at Ladybird Ln, on her Stylish Blogger post. I just noticed we have the same theme. I was trying to find your quilt pillow with Elmo hanging out of it. I didn't see it, though. Would love if you followed me at

  4. Wow, you sure do get a lot done. It's a shame you have to clean for your guests, maybe you could steal their glasses before they walk in, LOL.

  5. I often tell my husband that if he really wants the house cleaned, invite some people over. That seems to be my best motivation to do a really good housecleaning.

    Congrats, once again, for getting so much done! What I'm working on this week: Work (i.e. jobs) that I've been procrastinating on, and getting my records in order for my tax appointment in a few days. I doubt anything fabric-related will happen except for some prewashing and some planning. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off (again), and I may get around to picking that up.

  6. Such pretty quilts! You were VERY productive last week. Congrats! I wish I was that productive. :D My quilt's on the to-do list this week! How exciting! Can't wait to start on my next quilt next week! It's going to be super awesome! and so much fun! Spring Break needs to hurry up and get here!

  7. Wow you sound like me! My list is on my blog over at

  8. Hi, Sarah! I love your bee blocks - they're so cute. Congrats on getting 22 quilts done for your church quilt ministry already this year! Somewhere down the road I may need to pick your brain about that church ministry. I'd love to be able to do something like that someday, and we have a couple of other ladies in our church who quilt.

    Here's what I'm doing this week:

    1. Finishing the purse I started for my sister several weeks ago (but put aside to finish a quilt)

    2. Making a little zipper pouch for my niece who is in college with my sister (I can't send something to one girl and not the other, right?!)

    3. Making some resusable grocery bags to start a new line of products in my Etsy shop. My poor little shop has been neglected for too long, and I want to get it back up and running again.

    4. Still working on my husband's cross stitched eagle! ;)

    I guess that's a list. Maybe I should put this on my blog!


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