Monday, August 1, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #58! Getting back to normal.....

Hi, all!

Monday again - and I feel like things are maybe getting back to normal a little!  Of course, it feels a little strange without Lilli around, but I did get a lot done today - a couple of friends came over and helped me sort through a big stack of boxes full of donated fabric this morning!  My stash wall is beautifully organized and FULL - and unfortunately, so are the bins of scraps to be cut - but that's a job for another day!

So how did I do on last week's list?  Let's see....

1.  Finish those bee blocks!
I did, I did finish those bee blocks! 
And put them in the mail, too!

2.  Put a border on Lilli's quilt.
Got this one done, too!  Woohoo!!

3.  Make a back for Lilli's quilt.
Wait a minute!  What fool put this on the list..... 
oh wait, that was me..... oops.....

4.  Get the local Hands2Help quilts in the mail!
Done!  This beautiful stack of goodness 
is on its way to Utah!

5. Finish all the admin work for the Hands2Help challenge!
Finally all done!  Except for the giveaway drawings - 
and that's the easy part!

6.  Quilt at least one more ministry quilt.
Done!  Take a look at this pretty quilt....
It was made using blocks donated by Megan of Crooked Seams!  The binding still needs to be sewn down, but then it's ready for a new home...

So all in all, last week went pretty well!  But what's in store for this week?

1.  Make a back for Lilli's quilt! (Yes, really!)

2.  Quilt at least two more ministry quilts.

3.  Hand-sew the binding on two ministry quilts.

4.  Make backs (or con someone else into making backs)
for the eight ministry quilt tops that are ready for quilting!

5.  Sort through and cut down at least one tub of scraps.

Yes, it's ambitious - but remember, I'm toddlerless all the time now - and I've got to do something to fill my days!  Clean house or quilt - tough choice, but someone's got to do it!!

So what are you working on this week?



PS - be sure to stop in over at The Intrepid Thread - it's her two-year blogiversary and she's having a fabulous giveaway to celebrate!!!  Woohoo!!


  1. I am in the house cleaning mood - so into a 'when in doubt/throw it out' mood. I still have things here that belong to my kids and they have been out of the house for some time.

    I am hand quilting a large quilt that is for a show in Sept - I give myself a week! Then I have all those little scraps to play with inbetween (give those fingers a break).

  2. You are one busy gal!!!
    I have almost finished getting my house put back in order after switching quilting rooms.
    I've cleaned and dusted and vacuumed and I'm almost ready for a youth group from church to descend on me tomorrow night for hamburgers and hot dogs.
    I've printed off patterns, collated, folded, and stuffed envelopes.
    I made deliveries this morning to a San Antonio quilt shop.
    I have more patterns to replenish and more samples to start on.
    I have two classes and a workshop to plan out (just plan, not teach this week, thank goodness!)
    I have the project for the workshop to complete and write up in pattern form.
    I have two family birthdays this week to celebrate, a trip to plan, and a meeting to attend as the spouse of my scientist husband.
    You DID ask, right? I am looking forward to evenings when I sit down with my husband and do handwork as we relax watching tv or talking.

  3. Haha, choosing between cleaning and quilting - sounds like an easy decision ;) I'm sure you'll get a lot done for next week, too. I love your bee blocks and I'm looking forward to seeing Lilli's quilt in all it's finished glory!

  4. Good job as usual, Sarah! I'm about 65% done those 82 pair of ringette pants. I took one morning last week to find out what was still necessary to add to a large TATW flimsy. That meant a visit with two ladies, so was fun. I'm looking forward to getting to that after the pants. This Friday we drive to Sault Ste.Marie for a 65th birthday celebration. That's why I've been pumping on the pants hard. Looks like they'll get done on time (delivery by end of August). Yay!!

  5. Where has LILLI gone? Not to far I hope. I am so depressed right now because my daughter is taking my grandson off to Ecuador for 3 mo with the look to moving there. This is after we moved to stratford to help her by looking after Jonah three days. Enough of my moaning. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire all that you do for others.

  6. My goodness Sarah ! YOU are 1 determined YOUNG lady ! you keep going , girl !! I keep forgetting about your whoop whoop Fridays ; I was all ready last Friday and my internet was down all day == HAH ! I have started watching my 2 grandkids more ( daughter is doing summer school so she will be done May 2012 !) so .... they keep distracting me . It's been too hot for them to go outside so they get a little 'wound up' ! I wish I could accomplish what you do !!!!!!

  7. I am impressed......... I don't know where you get your energy from.

  8. Lilli is going to love her quilt.(I do) Sherbet Pips, right?) I love the colors. Looks like you have a full plate this week, as usual. I have to finish up the football T-shirt quilt, as he leaves for college this weekend. That's all I have on my quilt plate this week.

  9. Ooh, Lilli's quilt looks so sweet! Reminds me I've got that jelly roll of Sherbet Pips waiting to be sewn up. What do you think coordinates best with those colors, as far as a solid? I bought Kona Snow but it looks almost too creamy but White seems too stark. Is there something in between?

    I'm feeling the need to clean and organize lately, but that competes with time for sewing and the latter has won out. Good luck on this week's list. You sure do get a lot done.

  10. Hon, you can stretch a set of quilt blocks farther than any person I know! Lilli's quilt is adorable - she's going to just love it! I've been cutting through some of my scraps too. I raced through all those projects last month without cleaning up in between, so I have a heckalotta backing remainders to cut up and sort into my scrap bins. I'm chipping away at them slowly but surely. Enjoy your To Dos for this week!!

  11. QUILT! The house will still be there (under all that quilting stuff). Besides, it'll just get dirty again, why bother? ; ) Hope the treatments are going well. My friend just finished his last treatment. Woohoo!


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