Friday, August 19, 2011

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?? A Little Tennessee Sunshine....

Hi, all!

Where did the week go?  The weather has been beautiful here - warm but not oppressively hot - which is a really nice change!  Lilli came over today and we went outside to take pics of my finish for the day, but we also got in some swinging....

She's getting so tall!  It's amazing how quickly kids grow.....

A friend of mine, Cassie, came by today and we both worked on separate quilt projects - lots got done and a good time was had by all!  It's so much more fun to sew with friends.....

And here's my finish for the week - this quilt is named "Water World"...

My assistant was not as cooperative as usual today - she didn't really want to have her picture made!   This quilt will be going to a young man who just lost his mom very unexpectedly.  He loves the water, and the batik piece with fish in the middle of the quilt was the jumping off point for all the rest of the fabrics.  It's hard to see, but the outer border fabric looks like water....

My day ended with dinner with Lilli, her parents, and my wonderful hubby at Cracker Barrel.  And of course, the obligatory rocking chairs on the porch!  

A perfect day!!  I hope yours was just as good!!


So now it's your turn - 
What have you been working on this week?
It doesn't have to be a finish - 
it can be a start or a middle or an end!

Share!  We want to cheer you on!!
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  1. I have been indulging my latest enthusiasm - using "vintage sheets" in the charity/donation quilts I make. OK, that really means good quality sheets in good shape from the Goodwill :D. I'm doing a simple pinwheel block with some pretty wild patterned donated fabric and some soft floral "vintage sheets" that tone it down. Palest barely yellow sashing between the blocks, a border of sheet fabric and a smaller border of the wild fabric and it's done. I have a Tommy Hilfiger top sheet in really good condition for the backing that is the perfect color. I'm liking the look a lot.

  2. I haven't got a thing this week - all my projects done are secrets for special swaps. So no photos until they arrive or Christmas. AND I am doing a lot of cleaning!

  3. Love the blues in that quilt. You did a great job! And Lilli is just too cute, as always :)

  4. I wish I had Lilli's hair-so pretty! I like the back on your quilt too!

  5. Whoop! Pretty colors, and I like that waves pattern you quilted on there, how perfect! Isn't this weather wonderful, wish it would stay like this for months!!!! I finally finished Sunkissed, and I'm so loving it!

  6. Ayden is growing really tall too,funny you mention that! I was thinking about it yesterday too.

    Water World makes a huge statement with its simple lines:)

    Great progress Sarah.

  7. Thanks for the great party! And another wonderful finished quilt, I love the back of it too!

  8. Love that Water World quilt, and how appropriate for the young man.

    Models can be moody, can't they? Well, you got a great shot of her in the little rocker. You can just feel the joy!

  9. That top picture of Lilli is definitely a keeper! I love the back of your Water World quilt - those colors are so soothing. Mmm, Cracker Barrel. Their biscuits are tough to beat!

  10. LOVELY ! especially your assistant ! Please delete #12 ; as usual , I messed up when linking up ! hah . sorry !!!

  11. It's good to see Lilli. She definitely is looking grown up. They do this growing up thing in spurts, don't they? The things we accomplish in a week go like that too: good weeks and better weeks. You've enjoyed having Lilli around again. That's excellent!!

    I've gotten my ringette pant order done, the 82 plus my season is starting out strong. 2 more got done and 20 more on order. It doesn't sound like much but there's always a lot of pre-order gab and design/mockups that soak up time, this time in the year. So all in all, not terrible.

  12. As always, it's a treat to see Lilli. Love the Water World quilt.

  13. Agree with the others, love the colors in the quilt!! And your little assistant makes me smile every time!! Ending the day in a rocking chair with that smile, what could be better?


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