Monday, August 8, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #59! The Best Laid Plans....

Hi, all!

Once again, the week slipped away from me!  I did a lot of housecleaning, totally against my will - I think I was possessed for a while! - but I'm hoping that's all out of my system now!  

Let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Make a back for Lilli's quilt! (Yes, really!)
Oh, really not!  Once again, it didn't get done...

2.  Quilt at least two more ministry quilts.
My Juki is being temperamental - I quilted two, and
almost finished a third, but then the Juki started skipping
stitches - I need to pick up some more needles to see
if that fixes the problem, if not then it's off to call
the house-call machine doctor!

Here's one of the quilts - I haven't taken a pic of the other yet....

3.  Hand-sew the binding on two ministry quilts.

4.  Make backs (or con someone else into making backs)
for the eight ministry quilt tops that are ready for quilting!
We got backs put together for four of the eight quilt tops...

5.  Sort through and cut down at least one tub of scraps.
Didn't get to this one at all...

But we had requests for four quilts this week - one for a young man who was in a terrible motorcycle accident, and three for a family who unexpectedly lost their wife and mother, also in a motorcycle accident.  The quilt for the young man is the one on the frame with the broken Juki; we will be using one of our finished quilts (that we just needed God to tell us the address for!) for the daughter of the family, I'm piecing a top for the son, and my friend Cindy is piecing a top for the husband.  Busy week!  

So what's on tap for this week?

1.  Finish piecing the top for the son.

2.  Finish quilting the top for the young man in the motorcycle accident.

3.  Bind the top after finishing it.  

4.  Fix the Juki, or have the repairman come out.

5.  Try to get Lilli's quilt back done! 
(Maybe if I'm a little more humble, it'll get done....)

That's certainly enough to keep me busy!  I hope I can get this much done - my nieces are here until Tuesday, so I might not - but it's worth a shot!  We're having a lovely visit, though - it's so nice to see them!

So - what are you working on this week?




  1. I wish I could be there to lend a hand. I need to finish up the Raggedy Friends quilt this week - of course little breaks inbetween for some fun.

  2. You are truly amazing Sarah - even when you don't think you are!! After the week I've had I am just in awe of what you have gotten done! One of these days I will send you some flimsies to help with your efforts. May be a few years in coming, but I want to help out once I am on top of the few I have on my list. Have a great week to come!!!

  3. You are such an inspiration! Even one ministry quilt is such a huge thing to do! I'm so impressed with all you do.

  4. I've started making lists of what quilty projects I need to get done, and it has helped! The quilting group that I sew donation quilts for (From Our Heart) meets the 2nd Saturday of every month and for this coming Saturday I have 4 quilts done done done! I have one more flimsy to do the quilt sandwich and quilting so I'll have at least 5 to turn in. Happy Dance! Thanks for the inspiration :D

  5. Designing. Drawing. Erasing. Repeat. Waiting for fabric samples to arrive. Hope to have some prototypes done tonight.

  6. Hi Sarah - I am trying to get caught back up on some sewing stuff. Things are starting to settle down a little for me. Only 1 doc apt this week. Woo Hoo!!!!

    Have a great week!

  7. Wow Sarah. I'm lucky to finish a block a week. Love your quilts.

  8. Enjoy your nieces and good luck on those quilts you got going Sarah--know you can do it!

  9. ok, your 'I didn't get much done week' makes me look like a slacker :) I did hem 36 Color Guard costumes this week, but... they are stretch knit and I convinced them they didn't require a sewen hem, just cut to length and leave a raw edge... What did I tell you, slacker! :)

  10. You do such comforting work with the quilt ministry, but I'm always saddened to know that the need never abates.

    Hope your Juki gets well quickly.

  11. Sorry your Juki's being temperamental. You still got a lot done!

    I started cutting out another kaleidoscope quilt today, version 2.0. We'll see how it goes!


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