Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #71! Oops - what happened to Monday?

Hi, all!

Wow, where did Monday go?  I got so busy trying to finish things on my list that Monday just disappeared on me.....  So I guess this is Make-A-List Tuesday this week!  

Let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Finish loading the Coach's quilt on the frame and quilt.
Done and delivered!

2.  Make a back for the brights quilt.
3.  Quilt the brights quilt.
Done!  I like the way this one came out...

(more about both of those quilts on The Sweatshop update..)

4.  Cut out pieces for a pair of commission quilts.
Not yet done - I've pressed the fabrics, and come up 
with the design I'm going to use.  This commission 
changed from two quilts to one, 
but I had to make adjustments to turn it 
into a twin size quilt instead of a lap quilt.

5.  Make two quilt backs for the ministry quilt flimsies.
Didn't get to this one!  (Again....)

6.  Finish deconstructing the futon cover, 
and hit that foam sale this weekend!
Done!  Got the futon cover completely torn down,
and got all the foam I need for about $22.50 a yard!

And now for this week.....

1.  Make two quilt backs.

2.  Quilt two more ministry quilts.

3.  Cut out the commission quilt.

4.  Hem a pair of hubby's pants.

5.  Quilt my friend's quilt.

6.  Cut out cushion covers for my other friend!

That's enough for this week - it would be nice if I can get this much done, wouldn't it?  Keep your fingers crossed.....

So tell me - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Trying to be realistic - piece JL top together, put BOM top together, finish hand quilting bookcase wall hanging, start two exchange mini quilts, finish at least one mug rug. Maybe more ambitious than realistic.

  2. That brights quilt really sings! I need to do some more jeans/cords alterations. I only got one pair done on Sunday. It takes so long to unpick those flat felled seams, plus I was distracted by a movie I was trying to watch at the same time. And then there's quilting to be done!

  3. This is my slow-mo' week. Catching up on stitcheries, but enjoying them as I go. And winterizing the house- changing out curtains and plastic wrap windows.

  4. Love that bright green quilt!! Did you follow a pattern or is it your own design? I just had to pin it on my Pinterest board.

    I am starting to cut out a new quilt today...Kitchen Window by Elizabeth Hartman.

  5. You are making me tired just reading that list. How do you get to it all?

  6. Wow, that's a lot in a week as always! You amaze me. I'm working on stuff for baby Miles, someone really needs to stop me! So far I have: crib skirt, bumpers, 4 crib sheets, 6 burp clothes, diaper bag, and 2 quilt tops. This week I thought MAYBE Miles really might like to have one of those quilts done by the time he gets here, so I started quilting. And I have 8 cute little plain onesies that won't be plain by the time I'm done with them. Love your finishes, I'll see if I can get the 2 baby quilts finished this week :)


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