Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #12

Hi, all!

Wednesday rolls around again, so it's time for another update on The Sweatshop!  Things are starting to heat up around here again...

This pretty quilt, pieced by my lovely friend Kathy, has found a home with a young woman who has had several brain surgeries and is having some difficult complications from that....

...and this beautiful quilt, pieced by Emilie, is headed to a lady suffering from cancer in Florida...

...this lovely little baby quilt, made by Cindy, is going to a family suffering from financial hardship in our local area for their upcoming baby...

...and this cheerful quilt, which was pieced and donated by Deb A., is going to a woman in our local area who had a heart attack and has had multiple complications since then.

I thought I'd show you some detail - I love to quilt in words of hope when I'm doing my FMQ....

We've got quilts in the works right now for a local coach, a child with Crohn's disease, a woman who just lost her husband, and the two quilts needed for our next prayer service.  Whew!  It's staying busy - - - and sweaty! at the Sweatshop!!   Hopefully those will be finished to appear on next week's update.....

So that's our update for the week!  Many thanks to all the hands that contributed to this week's quilts, both local and those of you out in blogland!!




  1. I love those quilts. amazing. hugs

  2. Just all lovely. The baby quilt is just wonderful and love the rolly quilting. So glad you showed the words in the quilting, some food for thought in my next year's ventures.

  3. My heart goes out to all those that you mentioned with such big trials in their lives. How wonderful for them to feel the love of these gracious and giving ladies who have made quilts for them! this is say the least!!


  4. The quilts are wonderful and the love put into the making is more so. I love the idea of quilting words of comfort.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  5. I am impressed by all you get done and by your generousity.

  6. Busy as usual! I hate to hear about children who have Crohn's:(

  7. I love the quilting in the baby quilt. Sometimes I think when we just start and do something it turns out better when we really follow it to the letter. I other words..FREE MOTION!!
    I love your blog and thanks for reading mine. Chris Wheeler

  8. What a fab idea to quilt in words. Some beautiful quilts yet again.

  9. What beautiful quilts. It's amazing how such simple patterns can result in such beautiful quilts. I love reading the stories that go along with the quilts. What you do is truly amazing.


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