Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #72! On Tuesday - - - again!

Hi, all!

Well, it's Tuesday again - and somehow I managed to work right through Monday with no blogpost!  Oh well, at least I got something done!  Let's see how I did on last week's list....

1.  Make two quilt backs.
2.  Quilt two more ministry quilts.
Done!  I finished these two quilts and delivered them last week...

...and I delivered this one last Friday...

....and I finished these two and will be delivering them this afternoon!

(These were all collaborative efforts - I'll tell more about them in the Sweatshop update this week...)

3.  Cut out the commission quilt.
Not only cut out, but the flimsy is finished!  Here's a peek...

4.  Hem a pair of hubby's pants.
And now the walk of shame begins... not done...

5.  Quilt my friend's quilt.
...not done...

6.  Cut out cushion covers for my other friend!
...and not done.....  (30 lashes with a wet noodle....)

I'm actually pretty happy with what I got finished last week, although I wish I could have gotten to it all.  So let's see what's on the list for this week.... it will be a little different because I'll be out of town until Monday afternoon....

1.  Work on the hand quilting on Lilli's quilt.

2.  Work on a small knitting project.

3.  Organize the pictures for the quilt ministry so that someone else can take over the scrapbooking duties!

Short and sweet - it feels funny to have so little on there!   But I can't take a whole lot with me this time since we're flying.  I'm pushing it to load up Lilli's quilt in my suitcase - hopefully my hubby won't see me trying to fit it in!  He'd laugh at me.....

And now, just for fun, here are this year's school pics of Lilli...

Isn't she gorgeous?  Who told her she could grow up?

Oh - - - and by the way - - -  Lilli will be getting a little sister in April!  My daughter just found out that it was a girl today - we're excited!  And Lilli will be over the moon, since she told us that, while "God chooses", she wanted a girl because "we have enough boys around our house!"

So what are you working on this week?




  1. You got a crazy amount of things done! Good for you, I managed to sew some strips together and then cut them into triangles.. .. that was it. I did make a mini army of them though so hopefully they will become something soon.

  2. Walk of shame..., you silly woman! The amount you did get done puts me to shame big time.

    Lilli is adorable! And congrats on the new granddaughter! (My cousin is also due in April. Need to plan a baby quilt!)

  3. You have done so much - think you over-load your list! Gosh, has Lilli grown into such a young girl. Lovely photo and congrats gramma on the new granddaughter to come. Best start that quilt!

  4. Sarah, I am always so impressed with all that you do every week and amazed at all of the beautiful quilts you and your group give away.
    Your granddaughter is a little doll, they grow too fast bu now you have a new baby coming congratulations.
    I am ashamed to tell you what I accomplished as compared to all you do for other people.
    it is not much. God Bless you Sandra

  5. You got alot accomplished. Your granddaughter is precious. Congrats on the upcoming new baby!

  6. The hits just keep coming:) Great photos of Lilli!

  7. Darling, darling pictures of Lilli. What a cutie pie. I am not having sewing adventures this week. I am tackling my stack of to-be-organized and to-be-filed stuff for myself, my mom and my disabled brother. I am going to the open house at the CPAs on Thursday and want to have a clear conscience when I say I'll have all three sets of tax stuff turned in on time....


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