Monday, December 3, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Having Fun With Lilli Day!!

Hi, all!

I have been having such a fun time today with Lilli!  Emmy had doctors' appointments today, so we've just had a "Nana and Lilli" day and I wanted to share a little bit of what we've been doing!

We started off the day by going to Old Navy for a photo shoot...

...and then we went to WalMart to buy some gifts for the Angel Tree.  Our little girl is three years old and loves Dora, dressing up, and pink - these are the things Lilli picked out for her!

Then we came home with lots of groceries and started baking...

I think it's safe to say our fruitcakes are going to taste good!

And they look pretty too....

After all that work, I wasn't completely surprised to find this at the end of the afternoon, although I was surprised to have to turn off her raucously ringing alarm clock, which she slept through!

So that's how I spent my day!!  We had a blast!!

So now, on to last week's list...

1.  Quilt the southwestern top.

...there's lots of straight line quilting on this quilt, so it's going to take a while!!

2.  Make Lilli's nightgown.
Also started - cut out but not sewn together yet...

3.  Cut out a gift quilt.
Done!  I can't show this one because the colors might clue in the recipient...

4.  Make the back for Emmy's quilt.
Done!  I had the perfect piece of pink Grunge fabric...

5.  Decorate the house for Christmas.
Done!  Here's a little taste...

6.  Start wrapping Christmas presents.
Nope, not one!  But I do have my wrapping paper!

7.  Prepare for two Christmas parties at my house this Saturday!
Done!  We had a great time with the ladies Saturday morning...

...unfortunately, I didn't get any pics from the evening party, but a good time was had by all!

So now, what's on the list for this week?

1.  Finish quilting the southwestern quilt and bind it.

2.  Quilt and bind two quilt tops for ministry needs.

3.  Applique a wall hanging for my in-laws.

4.  Quilt the wall hanging for my in-laws (added as a separate item because I may not finish the applique - lots of little pieces!)

5.  Wrap packages.

I'm going to stop there because (a) I don't think I can really get all that done, and (b) I've also got something else I'm working on that I'll tell you all about on Whoop Whoop Friday!!

So now the question is....... what are you working on?




  1. What a wonderful day with Lilli you had and then she slept well:)

    Such a beautiful holiday home you created with decorations---love it!!

  2. I started a Christmas Quilt that I plan on finishing. I did finish my friend's dress, finally! I have a quilt along tomorrow ad I'll be working on my Granny Square quilt, and I still need to finish my other friend's capes!

  3. Love the photo op with Lilli!! I always laugh at the Old Navy "family" when I go there....taking a picture with them is a great idea!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the quilting party on Saturday. :)

    Hope to finishing sewing a guy quilt top for the ministry this week.


  4. Your grand daughter picture made me lol. Thanks.

  5. Someone told me to take this week off on doing Christmas stuff and I am. I am organizing my scraps for charity scraps - it has been in my closet for 9 months. Make a pot roast, I have to go day by day. You are such a special person, 2 parties in one day.

  6. My daughters can't leave Old Navy without a photo with the dog... I must have 2 dozen of them on my phone :-)

    This week I'm hoping to piece a back for a quilt I'm making myself. The top is done (saving that for Whoop Whoop Friday) but I would *love* to make the backing this week, too.

  7. What a sweet, mushy face! Sounds like a fun day!


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