Friday, December 7, 2012

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? I'm So Blessed....

Hi, all!

Today I'm counting my blessings - are you?  In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes it's nice to get a reminder of just how blessed you are.  

I'll tell you what reminded me to count my blessings later, but first I want to show you the two quilts I finished up for the ministry this week...

This pretty quilt was pieced together by Cindy using string blocks donated by Sharon - isn't it gorgeous?  

And look - see my little photography assistant?

She reminded me that the back of this quilt is almost as pretty as the front!  This quilt is going to a gentleman who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

And this classic churn dash is going to a 93-year old woman who is dealing with some health and family issues.  I love the contrast of the blues and reds in this!

One of the blessings we've been enjoying lately is a bout of unseasonably warm weather - and Lilli was so excited to find flowers in the yard!  She came running over with this little dandelion for me.....

.....just before she headed off to do some serious swinging!!

I've been getting some early Christmas presents this week - some blessings to count!  Here's the first one...

This fabulous blessing showed up at our sewing group's Christmas party last Saturday - labeled "To Sarah From Jesus"!  No one will 'fess up to bringing it, but I am so lucky to have it, whoever brought it!  I've wanted this program for a long time, but being a Mac user, I wasn't able to use it.  I've already been going through the lessons learning how to use it (it's very complex!) and have even pulled together a design for a friend who needed a simple quilt to make for her brother.  So I'm really whooping it up this week!!

And then, one day when I was going through my e-mails, I found one inviting me to pre-register for the quilt show in Lancaster, PA in March.  I just happened to mention to my husband how neat that would be, and he said, "Well, why don't we go?"  How cool is that?  So we'll be going to the quilt show in Lancaster for a couple of days; I've signed up for a long arm quilting class to learn feathers, and I'll finally get to see Amish country!!  I have the best husband in the world!!

So when you start to get stressed out this holiday season, stop and take a deep breath - and count your blessings!  This week I'm counting my health, my lovely daughter and granddaughters, my ability to quilt and help others, my wonderful "sewing sisters", having all the tools I need to do what I love, and my wonderful husband!  Whoop whoop!!


So now it's your turn!  

What are you whooping about this week?

Share with us - we want to cheer you on!!

(Surely there's something you can talk about -
even if it is Christmas!)

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Be there or be square!




  1. Whoop! Whoop! for you! I wanna go to Lancaster to! :D

    My Whooping is about the quilt that I finished for my husband's AWESOME boss! I only wish I could be there when he receives it, but hubby says he will make sure to have his camera ready. :D

  2. I am grateful my Mom is home and doing better. I have my shopping done and plan to wrap thru the weekend. I have my wallhanging ready to share some time with my grandsons in decorating on it. Lots of time to enjoy the season.

  3. How cool to be going to Lancaster :) And with your hubby! I would love that. Your photography assistant is so darned cute!

  4. Wow! That's so wonderful Sarah! I have EQ and need to discipline myself to play with it more :*) I've always wanted to go to Lancaster too - so happy for you!!!

  5. Wow, how exciting that you got the computer program! I have an older version, but it is quite complicated to use.

    Have fun at the quilt show, it sounds like a blast!

  6. How wonderful! That you have your family, friends & health to enjoy them both! Have a great Christmas!

    Whoop Whoop on 2 beautiful quilts!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful!
    With all the rush of the shop during the holidays, and not having a spare minute, and then Mom's caregivers BOTH being gone for the holidays, I've been a bit stressed. But all my employees are willing to double up so I can stay home with Mom for a week, so (even though I will have to come in at night to do the books) that is a real blessing!

  8. Blessed indeed, and you deserve both wonderful treats :-). The quilts are beautiful, as always.

  9. Whoop whoop for sure! Have fun with'll put it to good use:)

  10. Oh Sarah! I just LOve that first quilt!

  11. It is always good to count your blessings, even if the best thing going is that you woke up this morning.

    Both quilts are beautiful.

  12. I have a friend who meets another friend in Lancaster for the show every year. They've been going well over 20 years now. Have fun!

  13. Woo-hoo! And look out world, because now that you have EQ, you will be a force to reckon with. Of course, Jesus knew that already!

  14. You will LOVE Lancaster, it is a quilters paradise!!! I live an hour and a half from there, it is a nice place to just get away too once and awhile. Enjoy you stay in PA!!!

    I'm blessed to be able to continue making fun/useful things for our first grand baby, she's due mid-January. We are all getting really excited.

  15. That first quilt is fabulous!...especially with those cute little pink shoes peeking out from under it!

  16. Whoop Whoop! great week for you it looks like!

  17. What a wonderful lot of blessings for you! I'm so glad. Give and it shall be given unto you. It's true!

  18. Pretty! Just love how the scappy quilts look.

  19. Do you ever have a hard time choosing a favorite? I really like that string quilt - I have come back to see it a few times now!!

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  21. Excellent blog post, i hope you will keep more post for sharing. Many thanks

  22. I read a lot of stuff here and I like the way you write. Good job! Make another one

  23. I am impressed with your writing skills on this weblog. You're awesome


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