Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello, all!

Well, today I actually accomplished something towards my new year's resolution - as you can see by this picture:

This child's quilt was made up of the left-over squares from the eight quilt tops we pieced last Saturday, which was then "window-paned" with some fabric from my stash. The border fabric and the backing are from my stash also! I'm really pleased with the result - I think it's really cheerful and very very colorful!! And I've diminished the stash, at least a little bit!

On a humorous note, my granddaughter walked in today and grabbed some fabric strips, sat down at my sewing machine, and announced, "Teach sew now, Nana - right this minute!" I guess she's not willing to wait until she's big enough to reach the foot pedal!

Saturday I'm going to be teaching a couple of ladies how to machine quilt - it should be an interesting experience! Being basically self-taught on this particular skill, I'm constantly learning new little tricks and finding easier ways to do things. For instance, I just dropped the feed dogs and used a darning foot to free-form quilt for the first time ever - it was fun and lots easier than I thought it would be - and I owe it all to watching a video on a website. The internet is an amazing thing - it never ceases to amaze me how much information is available to help you learn new skills.

Later!! Sarah

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