Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hi, all!

OK, today was a mixed bag as far as keeping my new year's resolution and using my stash went. I DID use some fabric from my stash to make borders for a quilt kit that didn't have enough pieces in it, and I also used some to make a backing piece large enough for another quilt top. BUT I went to Joann's for their mid-winter sale, and made a few purchases. One was a legitimate need - two pieces of Kona cotton to back quilts to be made of some fat quarters I got for Christmas. But then I bought two pieces of fabric - one a stripe with embroidered flourishes on it, the other a contemporary floral that coordinates with it. At least I didn't pay much for it, and hopefully I can work it into a quilt top or an outfit. Isn't it pretty fabric, though?

I got a new book yesterday that teaches how to machine quilt using a darning foot and dropping the feed dogs. So - - - today I got up my nerve and tried it out! It actually worked pretty well - I need a good bit more practice to get consistent at it but if I'm going for true free form, I think I could make a good stab at it and not be embarrassed by the result! It took a little while to get the tension set correctly and learn to manage the speed of the machine to get the right stitch length, but it can only improve with practice, right?

I'm trying to get together with a few ladies who want to learn how to machine quilt this weekend to finish up the quilts we started last Saturday. Looks like I'll get a lot of experience quilting this weekend! I haven't decided whether to try out the new freeform style or stick with the simple stitch-in-the-ditch and crossing each square, but maybe I'll have a chance to do both.

One last thing - here's a picture of a couple of the things that inspire me - my beautiful daughter and granddaughter!

Have a wonderful evening!!



  1. that's an old pic! her hair was so short! love you mom!

  2. It's an old pic but a good one of the two of you! Love you too!!


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