Friday, October 12, 2012

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? There's A Floor In There!

Hi, all!

Here we go again - are you ready to whoop?  I know lots of you are starting to work on Christmas, but I hope you've got something you can share, even if it's just a peek or a progress shot!  

My big whoop this week isn't sewing - I did some cleaning!! (OK, pick yourself up off the floor - I really do clean occasionally!)  I started with this....

This horrible mess was my 8' x 14' junk room (formerly my tiny sewing area).  It's been like this for about two years now - and just kept getting worse.  But I needed some extra space to set up a baby bed in a quiet spot and this looked like the only available space - so I got to work!  Here's what it looks like now...

The view from my quilt frame...
Can you believe that's the same space?  I moved the bookshelves from the window side of the room to the other side, which left a larger open space.  This will become Lilli's crafting area - she can use a sewing machine or go crazy with glitter glue, and it will all be confined to one (uncarpeted) space!  Plus she can see me if I'm working on the quilt frame, so she won't feel alone.  And there's room on the other side for Emmy's pack-and-play, which is currently sitting where our Christmas tree will be come December.    Lots of bags of stuff went to Goodwill, a bunch more went out to the curb for trash pickup, and lots of stuff is in my car to go up to the quilt room - but it's finally cleared out!!  Woohoo and whoop whoop!!

I'm also whooping about the progress I've made on Emmy's Christmas stocking!  Here's where it was the last time I showed it on my blog...

....and here's what it looks like today!

It's finally starting to look like a stocking!!  There's still lots to do on it, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...

And for those of you who saw the prayer request on my post Monday, I want to give you an update.  The quilt ministry member I requested prayer for had an aneurysm, and is in the hospital in critical condition.  She is currently sedated, so they don't yet know the extent of damage; she's also got another unruptured aneurysm.  She is a very new member of the quilt ministry, and a new sewer and quilter, but she's already made five baby quilt tops for the ministry.  I finished one of them this week for a little boy born several weeks premature - here's a picture of her pretty top...

Please keep Christy in your prayers - she's got a long way to go and will need lots of prayer in the days to come.  And yes, we're working on a quilt for her!


So now it's your turn! 

What have you been working on this week?

What has made you happy happy happy?

Share with us - we want to cheer you on!!

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See you there!




  1. Sometimes you just have to devote some time to clearing and tidying but now you are ready to sew up a storm Sarah. Great workspace.

  2. Sarah, what a great job! Whoop whoop!!! I will keep praying for your friend...

  3. I have to admit I work best when my work space is messy but I do clean up every week. I am working on my bucket list. Love your stocking and I will keep fellow quilter in my prayers.

  4. Love, your stocking!! Is it needle point?

  5. Your post is chock full of whoop whoops... good for you! My quilting room is a disaster zone right now so off to tackle it.

  6. Whoop whoop on the tidying! It feels so satisfying when it's done, doesn't it?

  7. Great use for that space, Sarah! Very nice that it's not carpeted:)

    The stocking is so cute!

  8. Prayers will be said!!

    What a great transformation of that room. I have a few spots that look like your "before" photos, so if you're interested in doing that again, just let me know and I'll send you my address :-).

  9. Wow. Looks great! The stocking needle work, too. Santa will put a lot of goodies in that stocking.

  10. It's been so long since I've whooped or even blog hopped!
    That was not cleaning, girl! That was CLEANING! Congrats on your new found space & a place for the grands to be grand!

    Healing prayers for Christy.

  11. Love the Christmas stocking... I had to enlarge the picture to see if it was needlepoint or cross stitch! It's a beautiful treasure that will last a lifetime for little Emmy. Whoops all around, and a prayer for Christy.

  12. I've had caregiver issues all week! The women who stay with my Mom (alzheimer's) so I can run my business - K. fell in the bathroom and smacked her face on the bathtub - she looks like it hurts about ten feet deep! And C. was fever sick midweek. So all I got done was a little knitting, and getting behinder at work.
    Did get a box ready to send to you - so it has been a bit productive:-)

  13. congrats on the cleanout! I love taking a trunk full of stuff to the Salvation Army :)

  14. You did a great job! Why is it that it's so much more fun to make a new mess than it is to clean up one you already have? LOL

  15. Fabulous job - once again, you inspire me. I seriously need to spend some quality time cleaning out my sewing space. I share it with my artistic kids, so it's always getting messed up.

    That stocking is darling. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  16. Whoop whoop for a clean room! You must feel liberated :) I love the stocking - what a treasure for Emmy. I will keep Christy in my prayers!!

  17. Seeing your room makes me feel so good! My room often looks like that. SO impressed with the finished product!

  18. prayers and blessings for you friend . congrats on the cleaning job ! I will post later ( if I don't forget !) and I have not been keeping up with blog readings . feel free to remind me through facebook or email . :( Blessings, Sarah !

  19. oh and WHOOP WHOOP for the beautiful stocking progress !

  20. Way to go on the cleanup! I haven't anything that dramatic to report (yet). Nice looking stocking too!

  21. That is really impressive progress on getting the room cleared out. Also, the stocking looks amazing. Kudos!


  22. Excellent progress on that stocking :) and how nice to gain back all that space.

  23. Great Job! What a transformation that room made! I had the same little cluttered room last year. But instead of actually putting it all back in the room (which we needed for our upcoming addition). We found the great public storage in Santa Monica. All that "clutter" is now organized and in the unit, of course all the non-important things. Thanks for sharing your post!


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