Monday, November 5, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Crunch Time!!

Hi, all!

Monday again - does it seem to anyone else like time moves much faster in the fall?  Seven weeks until Christmas - that means it's crunch time!!  But first of all, let's look at last week's list...

1.  Make a back for Lilli's Christmas (gift) quilt.
2.  Quilt that quilt while I have time without her here!
Done!  No pics, though, because I had to hide it this morning...

3.  Finish cleaning up the junkroom boxes.
99% done!  Why does it seem there's always something that hangs around even when you think you're done?

4.  Get all the learning and craft stuff together for Lilli.
Done!  She was so excited this morning, she played with about six different things for 15 minutes or so each!

5.  Sew up a back for Emmy's Christmas (gift) quilt.
I didn't get to this one yet - but Emmy won't know if I work on it while she's here!

6.  Make some more dump-and-sew blocks if time permits.
Didn't get to these either...

I realized I haven't shown any progress pics of Emmy's stocking lately - so here's where it was the last time I showed it...

...and here's where it is today!


I'm at the point of doing all the backstitching, so the whole picture is slowly coming into focus.  I can't wait to get this finished!

So now let me share with you the complete lunacy that I have taken on just seven weeks before Christmas...  I have decided that I need to make, before Christmas (and some of them are actually due a few weeks before Christmas) five quilts, four pillowcases, a nightgown, a messenger bag, a scarf, and a wall hanging, plus host two Christmas parties at my house.  (I'd also really like to add two more quilts to that list, but I'm not hopeful that I'll be able to do that.)  Whackadoo!!  But I worked on getting everything organized today; tomorrow will be cutting so that I can sew on things as time permits!  Now here's the list for this week...

1.  Cut out two quilts.

2.  Cut out and make four pillowcases.

3.  Cut out the nightgown and the messenger bag.

4.  Make the scarf.

5.  Sandwich the wall hanging.

6. Make a back for Emmy's quilt.

7.  Take care of any ministry needs that arise.

8.  Finish stitching Emmy's stocking.

9.  Bind Lilli's quilt.

It seems so strange not to have a list of ministry quilts on the list - but I guess it's a good week not to have a stack of ministry quilts to make!!  Of course, as soon as I say that, we'll get five requests...  I just need to really take advantage of the time I have to get to work on those Christmas gifts!!

In other news, I started keeping both my granddaughters again today, and it went very well!  Some funny moments - Emmy kept looking at Lilli as if she were wondering why Lilli was here, and one time Lilli got in my lap and gave me a huge hug, and Emmy looked at her, with a look on her face that clearly said, "Hey, that's MY Nana!"  When I said something to Lilli about it, she looked at Emmy and said, "She was my Nana first!"  It's really cute to see them together, though - Emmy has a very special smile that she reserves just for Lilli, and Lilli adores her little sister and is very sweet to her.  It's going to be fun to have them both here together!!

And now, the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. You have a lot on your plate, Sarah. I had to giggle when you wrote about Lilli and Emmy's funny moments.
    NICE stocking!

  2. Wow! What a list. I've had 2 unplanned trips out of state (FIL had bypass surgery) and I haven't even gotten to work on any of my Christmas items. I'm still out of state, but, I did get some done on my son's quilt. Oh well.

  3. I need to finish a dres I've been working on off and on for weeks, and finish cutting the squares for a granny square quilt for my prayer quilt ministry.

  4. My second son used to have this adoring look he'd give his older brother... (they are only 15 months apart). Needless to say that didn't last long, and within a few months they were wrestling. They're in their 40s now. (They lived through the fighting.)
    This week - more palm blocks. I can't believe your list!!!! And you babysit? That'd be about 5 years worth for me. U R amazing!


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