Monday, November 19, 2012

Make-A-List Monday - Still Plugging Away!

Hi, all!

Monday again, and another week closer to Christmas!  Ack!!  I'm still working hard on that gift list, but ministry quilts are being requested and that's keeping me busy too....  So let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Bind the three ministry quilts that are ready to go.
Done!  These have been delivered to their new owners - a woman battling colon cancer, a young boy facing open heart surgery, and an older woman with recurring brain cancer.

2.  Finish assembling the modern grey and yellow quilt top.

3.  Start sewing the southwestern quilt together.
I started this one last night - but no pics yet!

4.  Finish putting borders on the ministry quilt top.
5.  Make two quilt backs for ministry quilts.
6.  Quilt those two ministry quilts.
Done!  These have already been delivered to their new homes - a young father who had a leg amputated and a young mom with a diagnosis of cancer.

7.  Make a back for Emmy's quilt.
Haven't started this one yet...

8.  Put Emmy's stocking together.
...and while I've blocked the cross-stitch piece and picked out the backing, I haven't had a chance to put this together yet!

It's been a busy week with ministry quilts - the five above, plus we delivered another one this morning and I have four more on the list!  So here's what I've got to do this week -

1.  Quilt and bind the four ministry quilt needs.

2.  Quilt the modern grey quilt.

3.  Sew together the southwestern quilt.

4.  Sew Emmy's stocking together.

5.  Start working on a super-secret Christmas gift.

6. Decorate the house for Christmas!

I don't know about you all, but here at my house we don't start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving dinner is cleaned up.  Makes for some fast decorating, but that's ok!  It's kind of nice to have a clear break between the two holidays.  

That list should keep me busy, even over the holiday weekend - it will be good to have a couple of extra days to quilt!  Maybe I can knock a few more projects off my list.....

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So now, the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. Same here about Thanksgiving. This is the very first year we've put lights on the house before Thanksgiving, but that's because neighbors warned us that usually there's too much snow around to do so after the middle of Nov. They're not lit yet, though! ;D I'm working on my Scoot, Santa quilt for my aunt, which turned into twins so I could keep one on this end. heh

  2. I have all of the pieces of a Rail Fence style quilt laid out on our Living Room floor. Luckily, we are invited to my brother-in-law's house for Thanksgiving so I can leave it there until it is all sewn. The quilt is for Hurricane Sandy victims so I am really in a hurry to get it done.
    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your princesses' Thanksgiving.

  3. I'm a day late, but got a lot accomplished on Monday! I put the binding on my Dresden plate quilt and made pockets for a basket I got for my sister for her crocheting. Tomorrow, I am sewing the borders (2) on the prayer quilt, we finished the top on Friday.

  4. Not a lot of sewing here this week. Have to clear the sewing machine off the dining room table before Thanksgiving! We don't do any Christmas deorating until after Thanksgiving, and the tree doesn't go up until St. Nicholas Day - Dec. 6th. Then again, I don't take anything down until after Epiphany on Jan 6th, so I still get a whole month of holiday decor.


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