Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hands2Help - Check-In Time and a Shout Out!!

Hi, all!

Sunday again, and it's time to check in and let us know about your progress on your Hands2Help quilt(s)!!  I know some of you have already sent your quilts off - - - but don't panic if you still haven't started!  The final link-up will run from June 2nd to June 8th, so you have two to three weeks to finish up!  You can link up your progress at the bottom of this post, or just leave a comment if you prefer....  it's all good!


And now for the shout-out!

Many of you participated in last year's Challenge.

One of the charities was The NOLA Project -
quilts for children in St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans, LA.
That area was still undergoing reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina.  I want you to see the quilts that were donated as part of this challenge....

From up high above them...

...and down low, among them!

These quilts made an amazing spread on the floor of the foyer at our church (freshly vacuumed, of course!!) and were an awesome sight to see!  

The next Sunday morning we spread them out on tables so that people could see them and pray over them...

And the following Sunday morning they were placed at the front of the church.  People came forward at the end of the service and prayed over them before they were taken to New Orleans by our senior high mission team.

A week before our Senior High students were scheduled to leave, Hurricane Isaac hit the New Orleans area.  When they arrived, they found that many of the residents of St. Bernard Parish had been flooded out of their homes again.  Some of them had just returned as their homes were finished being repaired from Hurricane Katrina.  So some of your quilts went to school children, but others went to families who had lost everything - again.  It was a huge blessing to have something tangible to give the residents of the Parish.  Thanks to all of you again who sent quilts for this particular charity last year!


And now it's time to link up or leave a comment!

Let us know how your quilt is coming along!!

And remember - there are some fabulous prizes
for those who reach the finish line
and link up between June 2nd and June 8th!



Note!  If you're ready to mail your quilts, e-mail me for the address!!


  1. Have you posted the addresses and I missed it? I have mine finished and ready to go.

  2. Thanks for sharing about last year's NOLA quilts. It's great to know that the quilts we made have brought comfort to those in need. This year I chose to support Happy Chemo and I have a couple quilts ready to go.

  3. All three of mine have been mailed:)

  4. Thanks for the pictures of last year's quilts. It's nice to see them all together.

    My two quilts are done, except for a label. If you'll send me the addresses, I'll get them packed up next weekend.

  5. It is so cool to see all of the quilts from last year put together! Unfortunately I didn't know about last year's challenge, but I'm happy to be a part of it this year! :) Thanks for all of your hard work putting it together!

  6. I can't find the addresses for mailing either. Why am I over-looking them somehow?

  7. Oh that makes me feel so good that I could help. I can see my quilt on the floor with the others!

  8. I'm glad that I was able to help last year.
    I can send you the H2H quilt I made this year this week. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help.

  9. Sarah, I am ready to send my quilt to Happy Chemo. Please message me with the mailing address. Thanks!

  10. Just posted a picture here Friday so I will just get busy sewing the blocks together :-)
    Love the NOLA quilts.

  11. I hope to have my quilt finished by the end of the week.

  12. That is super cool! I love all the pictures of the quilts!

    I've finished piecing my top for the H2H quilt! I'm so excited about it, but I can't post any pictures yet! I'm using the same fabric for a baby quilt for a friend who is due soon. I'll be posting photos of the finished product on the 2nd, after I give my friend her quilt. The fabric is SO awesome I just don't want to spoil it for her since she reads my blog every day!

    I'm so glad I got to be a part of this, it feels so good to be making this quilt know that a child undergoing chemo (like my 7 year old cousin currently is) is going to find so much joy and comfort in a quilt I made!

  13. Lots of pretty quilts listed on the linky party.

  14. My 2 quilts are ready to send just as soon as a get a label made. I made a blog post here:;postID=5556158538295215573

  15. I've already mailed off my 2 quilts to Happy Chemo. They should have arrived by now. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for host/posting about it!!

  16. I mailed off my quilt to Happy Chemo earlier this week. Thanks for hosting this for us! :)


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