Monday, May 13, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - Back in the Saddle Again!

Hi, all!

Yes, I confess - I was bad and didn't post a Make-A-List last week!  I didn't get nearly enough done on my list for the prior week - but in my defense, I was battling with allergies and the medication to stay upright.  No excuse, but I didn't want to confess how badly I did on my list!  So now I've had two weeks to work on it (and I still haven't done everything on the list) but I did do a lot last week!  So here goes...

1.  Make valance and curtain panels for guest room closet.
Still not done.  I'm putting this on hold for a while, as it looks like my father-in-law won't be coming in the very near future...

2.  Quilt a man's quilt for the ministry.

3.  Piece and quilt a couple's quilt for the ministry.

4.  Quilt two quilts for H2H.
Done, but I don't have pictures yet...

Plus I finished and quilted my own H2H quilt!

5.  Make my own hand block!
Started, but not finished yet...

6.  Write a Sweatshop blogpost this Wednesday!

7.  Finish pulling together the guest room.
On hold...

8.  Contact more potential sponsors for H2H!
In progress...

OK, so as I said, I didn't get everything done, but I did do some serious quilting.  Three quilts for H2H, three more for the quilt ministry.  Plus I pieced and quilted two quilts for the ministry.  So not a bad week all in all.

And here's what's happening around here this week.  My daughter and her family are off on vacation, so I've got some big projects in the works.  

This past Saturday, my husband decided to brainstorm other options for revamping my sewing studio.  Originally he was going to make some cabinets to go underneath my sewing table to increase my storage, but with boating season upon us (if it would EVER warm up and stop raining!) he was afraid he wouldn't have time to do it anytime soon.  So in the process of brainstorming ready-made solutions, he decided that it would be smart to move all of my sewing paraphernalia into one room and put his drums where my sewing studio is right now.  That means that my regular sewing and my longarm machine are now in the same room!  Woohoo!  But with that move comes a whole lot of work!!  

And then on Tuesday, I've got a couple of strong teenagers coming to my house to help me work on my Father's Day present to my husband - a clean and organized garage!  It's been a couple of years since we did any major work in it, and you can imagine what it's like now.  So that's my major job for Tuesday.

And then I volunteered to provide some baked goods for a local non-profit's Pets In The Pasture event on Saturday....

So here's my to-do list for this week...

1.  Pull together my sewing studio and Lilli's craft room.

2.  Clean out and re-organize the garage.

3.  Bake lots of goodies for Lantern Lane Farms.

4.  Make a ministry quilt for a woman with cancer.

5.  Write a Sweatshop blogpost.

6.  Write my Blogger's Quilt Festival post.

7.  Photograph and list new items for the Etsy shop.

Yes, I know - I've lost my mind!!  I guess it just goes to prove, there's no rest for the wicked!  I have spent all day working on my sewing studio, so it's getting close, but then I have to work on the craft room because a lot of stuff has headed in there and needs to find a home.  Plus Lilli is as messy a crafter as I am!  I will have pictures (hopefully Friday!) of the new studio, as it will definitely be my whoop whoop for the week!

And fortunately, I can write blogposts while I'm waiting for stuff to bake.  Good thing!  I can't wait to try out Karen's banana bread recipe (with the chocolate chips!) - if you didn't see it, be sure to go back to Sunday's H2H post!

So that's what I'm working on this week.  Now the question is - - -  what are you working on?




  1. I don't know. HOW you do it!

    That's funny you brought up that your hubby has some drums. Ayden has drums and they are set up at one end of my sewing studio:) They take up a good amt of space,but there really isn't any other space for them. How long has your hubby been playing the drums?

    I am really excited to see your sewing studio when it is all dolled up!

  2. Busy, busy lady! Oh, I don't think I could handle drums in the house - I like my quiet. I'm hoping for some nice warm sunny weather so I can take some outdoor photos. All my monthly committments are completed, just need to get the photos done.

  3. Impressive list!Band camp started this week, I chaperoned yesterday and the rest of the week will be a mess for the family as we all come and go at verrious times. Today I hope to sew a lot since I will be home bymyslef for at least 10 hours.

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  5. I've been enjoying the little hexie project. I like making them, but still don't know if it'll be a dolly or baby quilt, or maybe just a front to one of my new T-shirts.

    I have a couple of other starts... I've got more cutting to do, and then there is always plant watering, cooking and laundry, etc.

  6. Girl! You are a busy lady. Cute what you said about little Lille. Most of us are messy when we are "creating".
    I finished a little quilt for "Get Your Mrs Clause On", some RSC blue blocks, some knitted dishcloths and one crochet dishcloth. Now I'm working on some barns in Lori's barn along. Was hoping to start to quilt a UFO this week. That would be nice :D

  7. You're probably done with all of your baking, but the banana bread recipe can be made into mini loaves as well. We've done that several times for bake sales. Just fill the pan about 2/3rds full and adjust the baking time down. And, if you are making several large loaves at the same time in the oven it will take a little longer than an hour due to the quantity in the oven. :)


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