Monday, October 21, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - It's Almost Craft Show Day!

Hi, all!

Well, it's Monday again, and just a few short days away from the craft show!  So much to do, so little time!!  But my head may stop swimming if I write it all down, so maybe if I get it all set out here, it will magically get done!

But first, let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Finish a quilt for a woman just diagnosed with cancer.
Done!  We have a lot of new members in our group who are just learning to piece, and this is one of the tops they have made...

2.  Finish a quilt for another woman with breast cancer.
Done!  Another "new member" top...

3.  Finish a quilt for a man with lymphoma.
Done!  Rita pieced this beautiful batik quilt...

4.  Make more aprons and elephants for the craft show.
Done!  I'm a bit behind on pics, none of the elephants yet, but here's one of the aprons I made...

5.  Make a test block for a competition.
Unfortunately, this is only done on paper - I've drawn and fiddled around, but haven't had a chance to make the block itself.

6.  Fine tune and deliver the commission quilt.
Done!  And she loved it!!

7.  Do a test run on the craft show space to decide how to display all the sale items.
Done!  My husband made the framework and my daughter is full of great ideas about how to display all of our handcrafted goodies!

I've still got to cut the white fabric to cover the framework, but that's a job for tomorrow...

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that arise.
We had three other needs arise last week - here are pics of two of the quilts that we made...

Here's Dovie and her daughter, Pam (a member of the quilt ministry) with the quilt we made for her...

And this quilt went to a little 4 year old girl with Down's Syndrome, who is currently in Vanderbilt Hospital awaiting surgery to correct some heart issues.

Okay, last week's progress looks better than I thought it did.  Here's what I need to get done this week, let's hope it goes as well!

1.  Lots of ministry quilts!  We did an emphasis on the quilt ministry yesterday in church, and I've received nine quilt requests since then! I quilted three today, so those need to be bound, then six more need to be quilted and finished off!

2.  Cut the white fabric to make the cover for the craft show framework.

3.  Make some more mug rugs.

4.  Print out signs and name tags for the craft show.

5.  Price and tag items for the craft show.

6.  Pack everything up and load up the car for the craft fair.

6.  Keep up with any additional quilt ministry needs that arise.

I promise to take pictures at the craft fair, and share a little bit about how it went and what we did.  My daughter has really blossomed in her crafting, and is making some super cute things for the sale.  Keep your fingers crossed that it's worth all the time and effort we've put into it!!

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Good luck with the craft show....I'm recovering from the one I went too and working on a few special orders.

  2. I love your updates on your quilt ministry! It is amazing how many lives you change in a week with quilts!

  3. Hope the craft show goes well. I can see that you put a lot of time and effort into your projects.

  4. Love the Dresden apron with the pocket! So many beautiful quilts once again. The T-shirt quilt turned out really well. Did you like working with T-shirts?

  5. Sarah - I've been out of touch too long! No time for blogging or keeping up with my faves, but so nice to check in and see how much you are up to. I'm working on a quilt for my mom who remarried (!) in June. I will HAVE to post that one and will try to link up on a Friday. In the middle of binding and I'm hand stitching, so could be a little while. Take care, Janet

  6. Unless the craft show costs a lot to get into, you will have a fun time interacting with the customers and with your daughter. (Hope the weather is warm and sunny!) I'd count that as a successful day.
    Love the newbies' quilts. The colors are fun and bright, and the quilts will be loved. There is so much trouble in the world - bright colors are needed to help us get through it all.
    This week - more packing, Hubby just went to get more boxes! Sewing room is almost done, and then there are windows to wash - Ugh! We do have 2 appointments for people coming to see the property... Keep us in mind. I'm hoping for a bidding war. (CA has those. We lost 3 properties while we were looking for this house to bidding above full price! I'm hoping we have to accept a higher bid.)
    Hope you make out like a bandit at the craft show!

  7. Wow, that's a lot of progress for one week. Hope your preparations for the craft fair go off without a hitch.

  8. I'm way too late for linking up this week but I'm working on my project(s) for the wicked hop. Good luck at the craft show. I can't wait to see the pictures of your booth.


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