Monday, October 28, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - Time to Take A Deep Breath!

Hi, all!

Whew!  It's so nice to be past the craft show and able to slow down just a little bit!!  Actually, there's not much slowing down but it is nice to think about something else for a while.  I hope you had a fabulous week last week, and got lots and lots done!  

My little pixie.

Before I get to this week's to-do's, I want to tell you something funny that happened today.  A little history first, though.  When Lilli was little and we'd go to Joann's, she always wanted a bolt of fabric in front of her across the cart, and she would drum on it while I shopped.  Emmy wants a bolt of fabric there, too, but she pets it and oohs and aahs over it - showing off some fabric addict tendencies!  Today we were shopping at Joann's, and she was doing her usual petting of fabric.  We went up to the counter to get it cut, and I took the bolts and gave them to the counter lady.  Emmy watched with suspicion as the lady spread the fabric out and measured, then picked up her scissors and started to cut…

PANDELYRIUM!!!  Emmy let out a blood curdling scream as the scissors cut into the fabric!!  I comforted her and she quieted down… until the lady started cutting the second piece of fabric, and the whole thing started all over again!  She didn't completely quiet down until we gave her the folded fabric, but even then she looked at the counter lady with suspicion.  You could almost see her thinking, "You killed it!"  I can see her future as a total fabric addict, one of those who buys pretty fabric and then can't bear to cut it!!

Now let's see how last week's list went

1.  Lots of ministry quilts!  We did an emphasis on the quilt ministry yesterday in church, and I've received nine quilt requests since then! I quilted three today, so those need to be bound, then six more need to be quilted and finished off!
We finished six quilts that went to new homes last Wednesday.  The numbers are getting kind of jumbled in my head, but I think I have eight more on the list right now!

2.  Cut the white fabric to make the cover for the craft show framework.
3.  Make some more mug rugs.
4.  Print out signs and name tags for the craft show.
5.  Price and tag items for the craft show.
6.  Pack everything up and load up the car for the craft fair.
I've lumped all these together for picture purposes - here are shots of our booth from this past Saturday.

My beautiful daughter, who made lots of the non-quilty crafts
and worked the booth with me...
For those of you who want to know how it went, I wish I could say it was a rousing success, but…  It was very cold (about 30 degrees when we got there) and that kind of cut down on foot traffic, plus they stuck us out in a secondary pavilion that was not marked well.  I made enough to pay for the booth and a bit more, but will probably not try this again.  But - - - I did set up a Facebook page for the shop and I'm putting some of the things we had at the craft show on the FB page for sale, so come check it out!  Search for Fabric Addict Quilts and More on Facebook, or click where it says Facebook page above to find it - and if you'll LIKE the page, and leave a comment on one of the posts, you should start seeing it in your feed.  It's a good way to keep up with what's going in the shop, and maybe pick something up before I list it on Etsy!

7.  Keep up with any additional quilt ministry needs that arise.
I'm trying!  I think it's a case of "be careful what you wish for" - we've had a flood of requests since we did the quilt ministry emphasis at church, and if it wasn't all written down, I'd be lost for sure!!

And here's what's on the list for this week…

1.  Quilt at least five quilts for ministry needs.

2.  Make Emmy's Halloween costume.

3.  Make a pillowcase for Emmy's bed.

4.  Quilt a top for a friend.

5.  Write up a price quote for a commission quilt.

6.  Cut charms for the Kate Spain Charm Swap.

7.  Make some items for small custom orders from the craft show.

8.  Start working on an antique quilt repair job.

9.  As always, try to keep up with any additional quilt ministry needs that arise.

There's probably lots more I need to do, but this is what I think I can actually get done.  

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Oh, I cant stand to see my pretty fabric cut either. I solved the problem by purchasing what's left on the bolt.

  2. Oh goodness, that's a fantastic story! What a sensible girl :-). Your stall looked great - I'm glad you didn't lose out.

  3. That story is awesome! She's a brilliant child, of course!

  4. That story is awesome! She's a brilliant child, of course!

  5. Your booth is fabulous, our church has a Dec. boutique each year - I did it once and I didn't have enough Christmas items. I know how much time and effort you put into it. Send me some of your energy.

  6. I'll bet your GD thought of the bolt as a pet... that would cause some screaming at the cut table.
    Love your craft show set up. Very interesting.
    I'd love to see how you fix the antique quilt. My Grandma's Double Wedding Ring has frayed, and some of the fabrics are just disintegrating. (It was made of feed sacks, I'm sure, and it was washed - maybe too often.) I have some fabrics to use, but I just don't want to change the ... just remembered, it's packed already. (Like Roseanne Adana used to say...."Never Mind.")
    This week is the "c" word - cleaning - ICK! Most stuff is packed, and I have a code on the box, but just a general one, so it'd be hard to find something specific. I did save out a few projects, but when to get at them!

  7. The booth looked really great. Nicely done. I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate and it wasn't as successful as you had hoped. The fabric addict-in-the-making story was just adorable. You need to write that down in a scrapbook to save for when she is older.

  8. That is such a funny, precious story! She loves to pet fabric and cries when it's cut--yep, she'll be a quilter for sure. Too bad the craft show didn't have as much traffic as you'd hoped. Hope your online sales do better!

  9. I have my own Pink Pepper Boutique and I would like to say your quilts are amazing can you tell me how we can use these quilts on our dresses?


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