Friday, December 27, 2013

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Cobbler's Child No Longer!

Hi, all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - I know I did!  My DH did a great job of spoiling me (and all the other young ladies in his life) rotten!  But I spoiled him a little bit, too, and part of that is what I am whooping about this week!  

My husband mentioned about a month ago that he felt like the cobbler's child, because even though I've made hundreds of quilts, he has to sleep under a store-bought quilt.   Poor baby!!

You may remember that I participated in a Kate Spain charm swap earlier this fall?  Well, I took those pretty charms and cut up some KS fat quarters that I had on hand to supplement them.  Two hundred and fifty Kate Spain prints in 5" squares.  Then I went and found the perfect gray tone on tone print - perfect because it looked cool with the cool prints and warm with the warm prints.  It wasn't easy to find, let me tell you!  But I was happy I kept looking!  And here's what I ended up with…

I love it!  Bright and cheerful, but a little bit sophisticated with the gray background. And Bill loves it too! 

I used two layers of cotton batting - first time I've ever done that - and quilted it in a large pointed random spiral pattern.  The quilting is a nice counterpoint to the squares.  And those two layers of batting make it nice and heavy!  But not too heavy to sleep under comfortably.  The weight of it sure surprised me when I took it off the frame, though - I haven't made a quilt that large before!

Sorry I don't have more pictures of it - making it in secret with my husband home for a week and a half before Christmas was really exciting!  I pieced it while he was watching tv or working on his computer during the day, always with something else handy to throw on the machine if he headed my way.  Then, fortunately, two friends of his wanted to meet him at a restaurant on the Saturday before Christmas, one for breakfast and one for lunch.  So I quilted it during breakfast and did the binding, washing and drying during lunch!  But the weather was horrible before I had to box it up, so I didn't get any good pictures.  I'll try to remember to take some when we get home and put them on a future blogpost - because the texture of this quilt is amazing! 

And one other thing - I just realized today that this quilt fulfills one of my new year's resolutions from last year - to make a king-size quilt for my own bed!  Woohoo!!

To make up for the lack of pictures, though, let me share a funny story with you.  Today, as we were driving to the beach, my daughter texted me - she was busy trying to find homes for all the Christmas presents the girls received.  She was putting the girls' new quilts in their bedroom, and I think Emmy was helping her.  Here's the picture she sent and her text message….

"I put Lilli's quilt on Lilli's bed 
and Emmy made me put her up on Lilli's bed 
and she threw off all her sister's stuffed animals 
and laid there like "all mine!"  
So I put Emmy's quilt on Emmy's bed and she got right in 
and laid there like she was going to take a second nap…"

Isn't that sweet?  She loves her new quilt!  That makes my day!

So I've got lots to whoop about today!  Whoop whoop whoop!!


And now it's your turn!

What are you whooping about today - 
The last whoop whoop of the year?

Share with us so we can dance the happy dance too!

The party will stay open until Sunday at midnight - 

Hope to see you there!




  1. It is a lovely marriage of sweet charms with the grey - a blend of female/male. Yeah for you in making something for DH (yourself too).

  2. Definitely a lvovely quilt..both the charms and emmy's!

  3. I like your quilt for hubby. It always amazes me how a simple block can turn into a stunning quilt. I think simple blocks are still my favorite quilts.

  4. Love your quilt! The gray makes a fabulous background. Your granddaughter is adorable with her new quilt :).

  5. Looking forward to see the texture on the king size quilt you made for ya'll!

    What a sweet story about your grand girls:) I think they are feeling closer to their Grandma sleeping under those quilts. What a comfort to know that:)

  6. That is a charmingly sweet quilt you made there! I love it with the gray! And the pic of the little one all snuggled in her bed with her new quilt is just priceless! Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing what you will be creating and sharing in 2014!

  7. Lovely use of the KS charms! I'm the worst quilter - not a single bed in my house has a homemade quilt on it! But we all have a pile of lap size.

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love it with the gray background!

  9. How exciting that you actually surprised your honey and with such a wonderful quilt! Glad you longarmed that double batting... I recently handquilted double batting on a small project and it was tough going :) congrats on pics of your quilt being loved and adored as it should be... WHOOP!

  10. Congrats for knocking out that Resolution without even realising! Wonderful quilt too :)

  11. I would never have thought of using Kate Spain for a masculine quilt, but with the gray it is marvelous - very sophisticated, as you say :*) Great job on meeting that goal, and just under the wire too. Love the picture of Emmy - too, too sweet!!!

  12. Love your KS quilt - I'm one of those cobblers kids too, but I sleep under an old quilt made by my grandmother. I have a top ready, just not time to quilt it....maybe this

    Where'd you find the gray tone on tone?

  13. I am glad Bill finally got a custom made quilt! (Really, he does kind of have point!). I notice gray making its way into more and more quilts recently. Sure sets off those bright prints nicely. Can't wait to see the quilting!

    And Emmy's quilt is just adorable! Love the colors. And she looks quite snuggly and content under it.

  14. How sweet! Looks like you hit a home run all three times. The one you made for your Sweetie is just perfect!

  15. I am so impressed you were able to surprise him. Last time I tried to surprise my husband with a quilt, my son told him-lol! I loved the story about your granddaughters. There is no greater compliment than to have a quilt used and loved.

  16. LOL!! We still sleep under a store bought comforter too! Love your Bill' humor and that Emmy fell in love with her quilt...THAT is our greatest reward as quilters!!

  17. Oh my this is just perfect. I love the use of the gray. I hadn't figured out which color solid to use with my charms so I might just have to steal your idea. I can't wait to see more pictures of your great quilt.

  18. Love your quilt! I seem to consider everything as 90x90 to start these days so it can be for my bed, then work it from there. Its wonderful that the girls love their quilts so much! It makes me happy when my girls snuggle in thier new quilts too.

  19. That is a very cool quilt for Bill! Love the brights with the gray. Aw, Emmy loves both hers and her sister's quilts! What a sweetie.

  20. I love the quilt you made for your Granddaughter

  21. Love your quilt. You are right the gray was perfect. Your little grand daughter is gorgeous!


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