Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sweet Sixteen Quilt Along - Sixteens & Pinwheels!

Hi, all!

Welcome back to the Sweet Sixteen Quilt Along! Last week we went over some ways to make sixteen-patch blocks, and I promised to share some designs to use your blocks over the next eight weeks.   There's also a linky party at the end of this post so you can link up and show your progress if you'd like.  I'd love to see what you're working on!  And there's a little bonus at the end too - be sure to check it out!

So here we are with the first design - Sixteens and Pinwheels!

This picture was the jumping-off point for my own design.  While I was organizing my scraps, I realized that I had a large tub of black and white print scraps, so I decided to make my version in all black and white.

OK, maybe not all black and white - I couldn't resist putting a narrow salmon colored border on for a little pop of color!  I love the illusion that the blocks are placed on point, too.  

This is a really simple quilt to make - sixteen patch blocks made in a checkerboard of prints and solid are alternated with pinwheel blocks.  You can't get much easier than that!  

I made my sixteen-patch blocks with 2.5" strips…

sewn together, then cut into 2.5" segments

then matched into 4-patches and assembled into the 16-patch blocks.

I used this technique to make the half square triangles for my pinwheel blocks.  I love this particular method for making four HSTs at a time - exactly what I need for pinwheels!  One tip - be sure to square up your HSTs before sewing them into pinwheel blocks.  Then trim your pinwheel blocks and your 16-patch blocks so they are all square and the same size.  It will make it so much easier to assemble your top with nice neat points!

I used a pretty IKEA print for the back - gotta love those large scale prints!! The salmon border on the front is a lighter shade of the red koi on the back.  

OK - so here are the particulars on this quilt.  It contains 25 16-patch blocks, made of 200 2.5" black squares and 200 2.5" white squares.  If you are using yardage for your white squares, it takes 7/8 of a yard.  There are 24 pinwheel blocks, made using one black and one white 7.5" square for each one.  If using yardage, you will need 1 1/8 yards of black and 1 1/8 yards of white.  The salmon border is 1" wide, and requires 1/4 yard of fabric.  The white border is 3" wide, and requires 5/8 yard of fabric.  The quilt finishes out at approximately 64" square.

I hope you've enjoyed this simple but effective way to use your 16-patch blocks!  Be sure to check back next Sunday to see another quilt design using these versatile blocks.


And now here's a bonus!  

You can have a chance to win this quilt!

Check out my blogpost here for the details - 

You can help us #bringNathanaelhome!!

Remember to link up below and share your progress, too! If you don't want to write a blogpost, feel free to upload a picture to the Flickr group and link from there.  I'm excited to see what everyone is working on!




  1. I really like them both but of course the really colorful one is my favorite.

  2. They are both beautiful. I really love the koi backing! I am definitely heading to Ikea next time I am in Hong Kong to check out possible backing fabrics. I have been traveling but am heading home tonight. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share soon!

  3. I didn't get around to making any 16 patches this week, I will try to at some point!

  4. I am so glad you gave the instructions to make this one! I had saved the picture as an inspiration last week. I know what I will be starting on. I am so excited! Thanks you!

  5. Sorry Sarah... I guess I spend too much time reading what other's do and not doing enough myself. Still working on the grandgirl's first birthday quilt.

  6. I love that pattern and have not seen that method of doing HSTs - very cool.

  7. Love the pinwheel/16patch design, Sarah!

  8. Love this...I've been on a kick of making 16-patches lately so this fits right into my must-do-this-too projects for this winter. Your B&W one gave me an idea of making some all green quilts, or all blues, or all browns...well, you get the idea. Too many ideas, not enough time....I need some minions to help me!

  9. Love your quilt. I have some blue 2.5 squares that I am pondering on using, but havent started yet. Been busy trying to finish off something first!!!

  10. What gorgeous quilts. Love the fish backing fabric, too!


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