Friday, April 17, 2015

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? The Pennant Quilt is Finished!

Hi, all!

It's Friday again, and you know what that means - it's time to get our whoop whoop on!  I know for some of you, this pretty spring weather has kept you outdoors so you may not have a finish - but remember, we whoop whoop for progress, too!  So show us what you've been working on no matter what stage it's at!

This has been an odd week at my house, as we prepared for our daughter and son-in-law to head to China to finalize the adoption of Nathanael, our adorable 3-year old grandson!  I've spent a good bit of time getting ready to host our granddaughters four days a week (the other grandparents have them over the weekend) and, since Wednesday, playing chauffeur for school and all of their other activities.  Wednesday was a dry run/test, but Thursday was accomplished without my daughter as near as her phone to help me remember which way to turn!  (As of 6:30 Thursday morning, they were en-route to Beijing, China!)  So - before the week started, I managed to finish the new quilt for Emmy's bed!  And here it is...

What?  You can't tell what it looks like from that?  OK, try this...

Spring in middle Tennessee means one of two things most of the time - wind, or rain.  Very seldom do we have a perfect-for-picture-taking day of sunshine and no wind - so we take what we can get!

Here's a pretty shot of the flimsy with the light shining through it!  

This pattern was originally a smaller block, designed to be paper-pieced.  Well, me and paper-piecing do not get along well - for some reason I just cannot wrap my mind around it!  And I wanted larger blocks for a quilt this size, so I redrafted the block, increasing the size.  Then I cut templates for all four pieces from an old cutting mat I had hanging around. That worked great!  Piecing was done in the traditional style, very carefully so as not to stretch all the bias edges in this block.  But it all worked out well - the blocks went together easily!

Here's a close-up of the finished front!  The fabrics are all from the Etched line by Hawthorne Threads - they print their own label fabrics in house and they are just beautiful!  I've got lots of leftovers so expect to see them turning up in other quilts in the near future.

And here's the back - the multicolored print is a very pretty Cloud 9  organic cotton print that is available at JoAnn's, and the print on the left is something I found to coordinate with it, as there wasn't enough fabric on the bolt to make the whole back from the multicolored print.  They go nicely together and this shot shows off the organic wavy straight line quilting I used for this quilt - to evoke the thought of wind blowing the pennants strung across the front of the quilt!

And here's how the two quilts look together in Emmy and Nathanael's bedroom.  (Because they are both 3 and are both deaf as posts with their cochlear implant processors off, it makes sense for them to room together for a while.  If one wakes up in the night, it won't necessarily wake the other one up, and only one room has to be fitted out to deal with their needs.)  I love the way the two quilts look together - not the same, but using the same colors - Nathanael's in the stronger saturated tones, Emmy's mixed with a lot of white which makes them more feminine looking - and the same basic shape, the triangle.  The background fabric on both quilts is Kona Snow.

Here's Emmy's little corner of the world...

And here's Nathanael's!  All ready for when he comes to his forever home at the beginning of May!!

Can I get a whoop whoop??


I've had a lot of great feedback on the pattern for Emmy's quilt, so I'll probably try to draft a tutorial for it in the next few days (while I still remember how I did it!)  If you think this is something you'd be interested in, let me know in a comment below!


And now it's your turn! 

What's got you whooping this week?

What's making you dance the happy dance?

Tell us - we want to dance right along with you - 
because it's always more fun to dance with friends!

It doesn't have to be a finish - just whatever's 
making you happy this week.

The party stays open until Sunday midnight - 

Hope to see you there!



PS - be sure to check out the new Fabrics N Quilts website - and also Shannon's blog, as there is a blog hop to celebrate the new site and multiple chances to win some great prizes over the next three weeks!  And if you go to the quilt show at Paducah next week, be sure to stop by Shannon's booth (#4503, under the Big Bubble, April 22-25).  She's got a special little freebie for you if you tell her I sent you!  Take a selfie with her for an extra entry in my own portion of the blog hop, too! (Coming May 1st...)


  1. Oh, what a wonderful month May will be. Love your quilts. They do look great together!

  2. Those quilts look so cute set up in their respective corners of the room - each their own little space. I would love the banner pattern.

  3. All fantastic! Love both quilts, same but different vibe is a great idea.

  4. So happy for you that Nathanael will be home soon and in that cozy bed sharing space with his sis too! FUN! I would love to have a tutorial on how you did Emmy's quilt... it has been so fun to watch come to life :) Thanks! Kathi

  5. Your pennant quilt is so pretty. Wish I could see the fabrics up close. I am looking forward to the tutorial. So happy that Nathaniel will be home soon. Best Wishes to you and your family.

  6. love the two quilts and the room looks great. Have a fun time with the grandchildren - it will be nice for the other grandparents to have them too - you will get a break and they get some fun too

  7. The banner quilt turned out so great, I'd love to have the pattern for it. So far all of the patterns you've shared have been so easy to follow and turn out perfect.

  8. These two quilts are absolutely perfect for a kid's bedroom!

  9. I like the quilt too and bunking them together is a great idea. He will take a lot of comfort in the fact that she is deaf too.

  10. So exciting to think Nathanael is coming home. He will be blessed by your love. I am sure Emmy is tickled with her new quilt too. You are a wonderful Grandma to bless them each with a new quilt for this special occasion. Janita

  11. Love your quilt. Congrats on a new grandchild to love!

  12. Fantastic quilt, Sarah!! You know the power of triangles, right? (Pyramids, headstand position in yoga, the number 3) great choice for both quilts, but I'm sure you knew that. I'm glad you will be posting a tutorial for the second one, as I love how they dance across the quilt. Good times ahead in the very near future in your life!! :-)

  13. Lovely quilt. I don't enjoy paper-piecing either. How exciting that Nathanael will be home soon!

  14. Beautiful Quilts and beautiful story. I too am an foster/ adoptive parent. Praying for all of you.

  15. The room looks great with both triangle quilts together. It does make sense to have those two share a room...what a relief to know they can't wake each other up! The 3 year old I babysit has cochlears too and when he's tired he'll sometimes just take them off and hand them to his mom as if to say "here, I'm done!".

  16. I love the way you've coordinated their room, shared but individual. Both are very cute quilts!

  17. The quilt turned out great, I'm so excited for ya'll!!

  18. What an inviting bedroom! Hugely helped by your quilts. Love them!

  19. The quilts look wonderful together, and how exciting that Nathanael will be coming home soon!!

  20. You might be interested in a friend's ministry to the deaf and adoptions.

  21. What a welcome and inviting room for two special people. I love the look of the two different but similar triangle quilts together.

  22. What an exciting time! The room is adorable and I love those pennants

  23. Love Emmy's new quilt! It is so happy :-)
    No pictures of progress here but I sewed up a friend's unwanted rag quilt blocks and am still cutting edges before putting it into the wash. I'm going to check if this is a quilt useable for Em's charity quilts and then get started on my 4 patch...or 16 patch (haven't decided yet) Hands2Help quilt.
    I'm praying for safe travels for your growing family and for those at home. I hope Nathaniel is happy with the move and all the changes. The quilt and his own spot will surely be a great start!

  24. A beautiful quilt. Love the quilting you did, Sarah. Just right - looks like they're gently waving in the wind. Prayers for a safe journey.

  25. Hi Sarah! Beautiful quilts! Can you please send me the address for the Canadian charity? I have one quilt finished and the other will be in a week or so!

  26. Both quilts and the room are just gorgeous. So thrilled for you all, enjoy every minute of this special time - Chris :D

  27. Emmy's quilt is beautiful, but I'm more excited that Nathaneal is getting so close! You bring happy tears to my eyes every time you update us on the adoption process!

  28. Big week for you. Love the quilts! Beautiful.

  29. Love that pennant quilt; both hers and Nathaneal's are so sweet! How long with they be in China? I hope everything goes well while they're there.

  30. That's so sweet! Please post this, Sarah.


  31. Both quilts are delightful! Lovely post, thrilled to read about the happy family news :)

  32. Those two quilts are darling -- they really make the room special for the kids. Kona Snow is one of my favorite go-to background white solids, too. Congratulations on your lovely finishes!

  33. Your quilts look fantastic. I would definitely be interested in a tutorial on your latest quilt. So much love and care has been put into Emily and Nathaniel's room. Such an exciting time for your family. Visiting from FIUF.

  34. I am also expecting a new grandson sometime between now and the 22nd of April!! I finished his quilt, wall hanging, cuddle blankie and pillow this week. WHOOP WHOOP for both of us!!! Love your quilts for your grands!

  35. Just love both of those quilts! I hardly ever make quilts with triangles, because it's a lot easier to work with squares, rectangles, and strips, but I love how triangles look!

  36. A tutorial for the pennant quilt would be great. Love it and Emmy's quilt. It is so so much fun to sew for the Grands!

  37. A tutorial for the pennant quilt would be great. Love it and Emmy's quilt. It is so so much fun to sew for the Grands!

  38. Beautiful quilts and a cozy arrangement in the children's room!

  39. It's a great idea to put Emmy and Nathaneal together. The quilts really compliment each other. I would love to have the tutorial for the pennant quilt.

  40. Less than 2 weeks until the whole family is together! Whoop! Whoop!

  41. Yes, you can get a Whoop Whoop and then some!! Those quilts look like they were made for each other, as I suspect Emmy and Nathaneal were, too. I actually said, "Woo-hoo!!!" when I saw the new one. And what an exciting time for your whole family!!!!

  42. I love the quilt - it's gorgeous! Would love to get the pattern!!

  43. Hola, did you by chance ever put together a pattern for the feminine calico bunting/flags quilt you made for one of your granddaughters. My Taylor has a pinwheel quilt made with the same colors but she is growing so fast it will soon be to small for her. I still have enough of the same fabrics (she loves them) and I would love to make a quilt using the pattern you enlarged from the smaller paper pattern. Please, please, please share the pattern.
    Wonkiestitches in Chicagoland
    AKA Michelle K.

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Comments make me smile!! If you want a PDF of a pattern, PLEASE leave your email address in your comment, or email me directly at salliesue57 (at) gmail (dot) com!