Friday, December 18, 2015

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? All The Quilts Are Done!!

Hi, all!

It's Friday, the LAST ONE BEFORE CHRISTMAS - - - yes, it's finally here!  And I'm so happy to say that all my quilt-y gifts are finished - actually early!  I hope you'll be able to share some of your crafting, too - so let's get to it!


Let's start with Nathanael's quilt...

Lots of bright colors...

...and a really cute focus print with letters and line drawings of monsters, octopuses, dinosaurs - lots of "boy" things!!  

The back is made with a great "I-Spy" strip print - once again, lots of boy things, like cars, space ships, rockets, hippos, airplanes - there's something new to see everywhere you look!  And I appliquéd his name on the back, too.  Since Nathanael is just now learning his letters, I thought this would be a fun quilt to help him learn new words and a great chance for us to learn some ASL signs together!

Just for fun, I took some pics of Nathanael's quilt on the jungle gym.  I like the colors of the climbing footholds with the colors in the quilt!

And one last shot just for fun!


And now for Lilli's quilt!  Lilli requested rainbows and princesses this year, so I chose to make a Princess and The Pea quilt.  This was a fun quilt to make, with plenty of appliqué to keep me on my toes...

Of course, there was a princess, and I made her to look a lot like Lilli, with pretty blond hair and a nightgown in her favorite color...

...and a pea under the bottom coverlet!  (Because you gotta have a pea to make the story work!)

And speaking of the story, I printed out a short version of the story on label fabric and pieced it into the back of the quilt, so she'll always have it!

And then it was time for quilting!  Lots of "peas" (pebbling) and some pea pods, too...

...some feathers and swirlies...

I guess I should say lots of peas, swirls and feathers...

...I mean, LOTS AND LOTS of feathers, swirls and peas...

But finally I made it to the end of the quilt!  I love graffiti quilting, but boy, it takes a long time!!

And oh, it is so worth it when you see the beautiful texture!!

Take a look at the finished quilt - princesses and rainbows, as requested by Miss Lilli, gray to work in her bedroom as requested by her mom.  Think she'll like it?

And for any who are interested, this is what the back looks like - it doesn't show the quilting very well because the print is busy, but it is also rainbow colored and matches most of the colors in the front well.  It also has a lot of purple and pink in it, which are Lilli's favorite colors!

And so, all of the annual quilts for the grandkids are finished!  (You can see Emmy's quilt on last week's Whoop Whoop post.)  

Can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you dance a happy dance?

Share - we want to dance right along with you!

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight - 

Hope to see you there!




  1. They're both wonderful, congrats on the finishes although I felt sure you'd get them done. Can she actually lift that fabric and see the pea? That's such a cute idea.

  2. Two great quilts sure to be loved by your grandchildren. Love all that quilting.

  3. Such thoughtful and personal gifts for these sweet kids. They will have great fun with them and cherish such a loving gift from you.
    Beautiful design work and the quilting on Lilli's is wonderful!

  4. Oh my goodness, what amazing quilts!!! The quilting you did on the princess and the pea quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!! And being able to lift the coverlet to see the pea, adorable ;)

  5. What wonderful quilts! I love the hidden pea. I'm a little envious that you are finished with your holiday gifts. I'm still finishing up two Star Wars quilts.

  6. Great quilts!!! Not much stitching going on here, cleaning house instead (party tonight, in-laws arrive on Monday morning).

  7. your quilting looks so amazing . . . so smooth and natural.

  8. Fabulous post, and fabulous quilts...right down to the pea!

  9. I am happy dancing with you. Your quilts are fabulous. The Princess and the Pea Quilt is so fun! You thought of everything to make to make it special. The quilting is the icing on the quilt!

  10. Beautiful quilts! Love the boy one - the back is just as nice as the front

  11. Wonderful finishes, both of the recipients will be thrilled with them I am sure :)

  12. Awesome job!!! LOVE the Princess and the Pea - applique and quilting are fabulous!!!

  13. Double whoop whoop! Both of your quilts are fantastic -as a total princess-fantatic from waaaayyy back I absolutely adore the fairytale quilt and would have loved to receive that when I was a girl - great work, have a Merry Christmas!

  14. How lucky your family is to receive such nice quilts. I especially love the back of the boy quilt, it's so nice to see something for them. The Princess and Pea quilt is darling, I'm sure you'll be telling her the story over and over.

  15. They both turned out great! I really love the graffiti quilting on the princess's amazing!

  16. Wow, you outdid yourself on that princess quilt. Amazing!!

  17. Love that Princess quilt. It's so wonderfully thought out and creative. I just adore it!


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