Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's On The Bookshelf Wednesday - A Cautionary Tale!

Hi, all!

It's Wednesday, and time for another look at the bookshelf!  Today, after dealing with an unexpected and very time-consuming car problem that kept me from working on Christmas presents as I had planned to do, I was reminded of a wonderful little book that I read a while back....

Have you ever thought about how nice it might be to just skip Christmas and take a nice warm vacation instead?  

I know the idea has crossed my mind occasionally - usually when I'm up to my ears in way too much to do before Christmas.  That's the premise of this book.  Luther and Nora Crank send their only child off to work in the Peace Corp the day after Thanksgiving, and realize that they will be childless for the first time in many years at Christmas.  Bucking tradition, they decide to go on a Caribbean cruise that leaves on Christmas day, and forego all the trappings of Christmas. Their neighbors hear about this and pandemonium ensues!  Then, to top it all off, their daughter calls unexpectedly and says that she will be home for Christmas.  What a dilemma!

I have to tell you, I laughed until I cried when I first read this book. Yes, they've made a movie of it, but the book is s-o-o-o-o-o much better - I hope you'll take a little time this season to read it.  It will warm your heart and lighten your spirits - and remind you why it's worth it to go through all the traditional stuff we do at Christmas!

So that's what's on my bookshelf today.  Have you taken a look at yours lately?




  1. I loved this book. I couldn't stop laughing. The movie was pretty good to, but as always the book is better.

  2. I'm reading a cozy mystery set at Christmas time, Monica Ferris Crewel Yule. I posted about Christmas mysteries giving several reviews yesterday, if you are looking for something new to read.

  3. I read the book several years ago and liked it, and when the family was home for Thanksgiving, we watched the movie and really enjoyed it. Either way, Grisham has given us another Christmas classic.

  4. This is one of our my family's favorite movies, so when I found out it was a book a few years ago we had to read it. We loved it!

  5. Living in the heat of south Florida, I LOVE Christmas and long for cooler weather.

    I find I enjoy books way better than the stories movie. Nothing can match our imaginations, right?

  6. I read this when it first came out and loved it. A few years ago, during a particularly bleak run up to Christmas I re-read it and enjoyed it just as much, if in a different way.


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