Friday, November 17, 2017

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? Ministry Quilting!

Hi, all!

Wow, Friday sure came up in a hurry this week!  And you know what that means - it's time to get our whoop whoop on again!  Are you ready?  Let's get started!


I was afraid I'd really be scrambling for something to share this week - I spent most of the week working on two projects that I can't share yet - but Thursday morning I decided to devote a day to working on quilts for the quilt ministry.

My day started early with binding two quilts that were quilted at church this week.  Some folks like to quilt, but not bind, and I don't mind binding, so I finished these two.

Then I loaded this pretty donated quilt top on the frame and got to work.  

And about an hour later, this one was finished!  I loaded another quilt on the frame, and a couple of hours later... another finish!

So all in all, a pretty productive day!  Four more quilts to help fill in the stash a bit.  It was running low after we gave four quilts away on Wednesday night!

Four more quilts that will soon be bringing comfort to people in need!  I love what I do!!

So - - - can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until midnight Sunday.

Hope to see you there!




  1. Those charity quilts are beautiful! They will certainly make someone smile. You are fast to get it quilted in an hour. It takes me that long to decide how I want to quilt it.

  2. beautiful quilts and you do them so quickly

  3. You have some lovely quilts for your ministry. Someone will love these.

  4. I'm astounded at what you were able to do in one day--quilt 2 quilts and bind 4??!! Wow. I'm in awe.
    Now, how do you get that label bit in the binding? Is it pre-printed?
    What size is it? Have you shown that in a past post? Lovin' that.

  5. All of your community service work is just amazing.

  6. I'm happy to piece and bind, but, I don't like the quilting process. I'm hoping to have a quadruple Whoop Whoop next week, with 4 more sets of Peter Pan themed paper pieced blocks, so that I can finally finish these baby quilts. These are taking FOREVER!!!!!

  7. Have followed your blog for several years now and today I need to ask. I also love the binding part and would love to know the steps taken to do the binding with name on it. Have not seen this before and it's very interesting. Thanks!

  8. Good work for the ministry! Glad your sharing so much comfort.

  9. You work so fast. They are fabulous quilts and will be much loved.

  10. You did very well this week. Kiddos to you!

  11. Whew! Reading your activities make me exhausted! I wish i was that quick! I have just finished quilt #5 of 6 that I have made for Christmas gifts and I’ve been working on them since July. Haha. Oh well, at least I’m making progress. I guess that’s not too bad for a newbie. I love reading your blog. Have a blessed day

  12. Aren't you the productive girl! How you can quilt a whole one in an hour is beyond me. I'm doing great to get one done in a day but rarely manage that. Those are some pretty quilts. Whomever they go to will be extra lucky in getting them from you. Happy Thanksgiving!


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