Monday, June 22, 2020

Make-A-List Monday - Things Just Keep Rolling Along!

Hi, all!

The first Monday of summer has arrived!  I love summer - beautiful warm days, sunshine, and usually, more time with my grandkids, although this year that part of summer started way early.  So I've been enjoying the weather and working in my quilt studio this week, and I've actually accomplished some things!

Last week, I wanted to find a back for this quilt, and maybe get it quilted.  I did find a really great backing - a total steal...

...and it's loaded up on the frame, ready to go!  I'll be quilting this one this week.

I also wanted to make a kawandi style quilt, and I did!  This was a fun little project and I enjoyed making it a lot.

I also spent a couple of days at church cleaning up - hauled a carload of stuff to the Goodwill, and swept up tons of dust bunnies!  There's still a lot to do before we can meet in there, but I made a good start on it.  I think I'll take Lilli with me to sort scraps the next time I go!  She loves to organize - although she tells me that does NOT include cleaning - so she could probably work on scraps while I keep cleaning and disinfecting.

And now for this week... I've already said that I'm going to quilt the postage stamp quilt, and I'm also working on a special project for an upcoming blog hop.  I'm "sewing by the seat of my pants" on this one, but hopeful that it will turn out great!

And since summer is here, that means it's time to start thinking about the grandkids' annual quilts.  I came across this great panel from Hawthorne Threads and knew immediately that it was destined to be Emmy's quilt this year!  It's a little out of square, so after I quilt the postage stamp quilt, I'm going to load it on the quilt frame to stretch it and get it square, then spritz it with water in hopes of blocking it to the proper shape.  I think that will work, and then I can start looking for a great backing.  Quilting it will be fun!

I have a plan for Lilli's quilt (Harry Potter) and for Nathanael's quilt  (yes, it will be green!) but I'll share more about them in upcoming weeks.

And this pool noodle represents an absolutely totally necessary project for this week!  The entrance to our walk-in attic is VERY short, and I am comparatively very tall - and last weekend I hit my head not once, but twice, really hard!  So enter the pool noodle, which I will be stapling over the inside of the door frame in hopes of avoiding serious damage when I whack my head in the future.  You'd think I'd learn, but no......

So now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Working on a panel, but having a bit of trouble with my longarm. I hope to get that sorted today!

  2. Ouch! I hear you on the hitting your head. My Husband is shorter than I, so when he drives my crossover he pulls the seat forward. If he doesn't put it back I whack my head trying to get in the car. Thankfully we don't have any house door issues I have to deal with. I am intrigued with your round project, can't wait to see what it becomes.

  3. I'm working on a giant American Flag quilt! The front is almost done but I need to figure out what to do on the back.
    Excited to read more about the Harry Potter quilt!

  4. Send Lilli my way -- I need help organizing. ha ha ha ha Yeah for summer!!!!!

  5. Cute panel! We have pool noodles and similar foam pipe insulation over lots of low, steel corners and braces in our engine room. After 7 years, I still occasionally hit them with my head. It makes a huge difference to have that padding! :)

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