Monday, December 4, 2023

Make-A-List Monday - A Little Bit of This and That!


Hi, all!

Welcome to another Monday!  After a whirlwind week last week getting the house ready for a round of Christmas parties, I thought this week would be simple, but we shall see! 

The first Christmas party went great - we had all the quilt ministry ladies over Saturday morning for good food, lots of laughs, and a fun gift exchange game.  A good time was had by all, and of course, I forgot to take any pictures!  And then Saturday afternoon, we went to see the incredible Emmalyn in her debut acting role of Snoopy in A Charlie Brown Christmas!

She looked so cute with her little black nose, but apparently it was "very annoying" and she took it off before she came out after the show for pictures!

Some of you may remember the videos of Emmy dancing when she was little - well, she put those skills to good use in her role as Snoopy and had a great time dancing on Schroeder's piano!  

I'm enjoying all the cute decorations in my house, but I have a soft spot in my heart for gnomes, so this is one of my favorites.  It doesn't hurt that he's an advent calendar, too!

But this afternoon when I went up to the studio to do a little sewing - I had an idea I wanted to try out before I forgot it - my beloved Juki decided it was time to stop feeding fabric under the presser foot.  I haven't been able to drop the feed dogs since Bill dropped her on her head (in the case, but it was still traumatic) and apparently something has changed inside.  So I brought out Old Faithful....

... and packed up my Juki to go to the shop tomorrow.  Hopefully they can fix her up and repair the pieces that broke at the same time!  

So here's my list for this week....

1.  Take my Juki to the shop.

2.  Make some rustic no knead bread for Wednesday night dinner.

3.  Make labels for the grands' annual quilts and attach them.

4.  Review all the Christmas presents I have stashed and see where I need to fill in any gaps.

5.  Start wrapping presents!   It's looking bare under the tree.

6.  Get the house ready for another party this coming Saturday morning.

I just got some Nana duties for later this week, so I'll have that to do too.  It's a busy time, so I'm just going to take some time to breathe while I'm getting all this done!

And now I really want to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?



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  1. Nothing like an old singer for dependability!!! The pics of Emmy are great! Enjoy the Nana role this week!


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