Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Good Day...

Hello, all!

We had a great day of sewing at Cassie's house yesterday - it is so exciting to see someone go from "I couldn't possibly do that!" to "Wow, I did that!" I got to see that transformation several times as people learned new skills as we sewed. And we have such a great time of fellowship as we sew together! I think that female companionship has become less and less available as women stay so busy these days. I love that we're getting some of that back through all this!

I almost finished a quilt today - I've got a little bit of decorative stitching to do on it and wash it and then it's done. I can't wait to post pictures of it!

Two Nana moments for the day - the first is related to this picture. Bill came home early today, which totally delighted Lilli! He was holding her as they looked at the horses that live in the pasture behind our house, when Lilli asked to be put down. I thought she wanted to sit on the landscape timbers next to them, but lo and behold, she stood there and put her foot up on the timbers, just like her Poppa was doing! Not an easy feat, because the timbers were stacked two high and about 16 inches tall..... The other Nana moment came when she and Poppa were picking up sticks in the yard - I was watching, enjoying seeing them playing together. She looked at me and said, "Nana, pick up sticks!" So, being a good Nana, I started picking up sticks. Next thing I heard was, "I so proud of you, Nana - you're a good helper!" Little monkey!

Have a great evening! Later!



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