Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Starting To Look Organized In Here!

Hello, all!!

Well, thanks to my wonderful friend Cassie and her husband (who kept the kids while she helped me), the fabric stash is starting to look a little organized! We sorted out the largest pieces of the donated fabric and arranged them by color to make it easier to choose fabrics for quilts. It works so well that we kept getting sidetracked matching different quilts up!! Now I just have to organize the smaller pieces somehow......

I also pieced my first quilt back today - that was an interesting experience! I took a bunch of leftover scraps from the front of the quilt I'm currently working on and created a centerpiece for the back, then added strips of a solid Kona cotton to the sides to make it large enough. The only thing I'm worried about is keeping it centered while I quilt! But it is pretty, and a great way to use scraps. I'll post pics of the finished quilt soon!

Wednesday marks our second morning meeting to sew for our ministry - I've got to get some kits together in case someone runs out of something to do, so I'll put the stash to good use. But we've currently got a woobie and four kid's quilts in the works, all of which we might get finished this Wednesday. The kids love getting together, too - my granddaughter can't wait to go back to Miss Cassie's and "play with her friends"!

I've been blog-surfing this week and found a few really great new patterns for children's quilts that might translate into adult quilts too. One blog I really loved, but I was so disappointed as I read in her first entry of the year that she is no longer going to blog. But fortunately she is leaving her blog up as a resource, so you might want to check out Crazy Mom Quilts while you can. Her quilts are awesome, and she likes to share techniques and lots of details on how to do what she does so well! And since she made forty-four quilts last year alone, there's lots to look at!

Lilli and I went to see baby goats today - I never knew I'd get to have so much fun playing with my granddaughter!




  1. The stash looks great!! I need to come and just admire your craft room... :)

  2. Wow it really does look organized! Good to see you Saturday!


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