Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello, all!

A very busy day today, but at least it was productive!!

I made a quilt as a baby shower gift that has turned out really cute. I love working with flannel - it always washes up so soft! This quilt is made with layered squares - a 3" square on top of a 6" square on top of a 9" square. They are stitched so that raw edges are left on top of the quilt.

In the wash, the edges of the top squares fray and get nice and soft and fluffy. It's hard to tell from the picture (bad lighting) but this quilt is all in shades of pink, lavender, yellow and white. And it felt good before I put it in the wash, but when I took it out of the dryer, it felt so-o-o-o soft, and thick and cushy. Just the kind of thing you want to cuddle up in!!

I did get a really cute picture of my granddaughter today, when we went to Old Navy to exchange some things. She discovered that the mannequins had open hands hanging down at her level, and she kept slipping her hands into theirs and standing with them. She obligingly posed for a picture, so here it is:

If you don't already know her, my granddaughter is the cute blonde in the middle!

Well, I've run on long enough for one night! Later!!



  1. It this what you call a "rag quilt"?

    BTW, I think she should be in the next Old Navy commercial with the mannequins! CUte Cute!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Too cute! What a great pic!

  3. Christy, I've always heard it called a "frayed-edge" quilt because of the way the unfinished edges fray. I'll have to check to see if it's also what they call a "rag quilt" and let you know!

  4. The Old Navy picture is classic! So cute!


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