Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello, all!

Well, Saturday was great fun - eleven of us got together for our monthly sewing group meeting! Fortunately, the coffee was good, because my monkey bread, while okay, was not the breathtaking version that my friend Cassie made last Wednesday...... Everyone was supposed to bring a project they were working currently working on - several people worked on quilts, either for our church ministry, Quilts For Kids, or themselves. Two ladies made remote control holders to put over the arm of their chair, and they looked great and really professional! A couple of girls made clothing for their children, too. It's wonderful to see how much progress everyone has made since we started this group last August!

Today was the start of a big sale at our local fabric store, and I hit it early - we needed bright solids and small prints desperately for our quilt stash! I looked like a shopper on one of those thirty-minute shopping sprees - grabbing my colors of choice and sprinting for the cutting table! (Actually I was in a hurry to get home and spend some time with my husband before he had to get back to church..... ;-) ) I also picked up some more quilt batts, which I had unfortunately run out of - Saturday I had three quilt tops finished and ready to quilt, and no batts!!! I couldn't go get any more before Sunday because I was out of coupons and I refuse to pay full price, so I had to wait until today.

The sudoku quilt is coming along great - I will be quilting it tomorrow and will post pictures of it in my next blog post. It's amazing to me how well the colors did together - I guess there's something to that mathematics stuff! That's what my niece tells me, anyway -she's smart that way!

Well, the Oscars are starting and I'm totally distracted, so I'll post this now - I'll try to be a little more organized the next time I get one here! Later!!



  1. I can't wait to see the Sudoku quilt! It sounds really interesting! And yes I'm sure there is something mathematical behind it that draws your attention. I mean artists centuries ago like Leonardo da Vinci among others use mathematics in their masterpieces. If you look them close enough, you can tell they relied trigonometry and geometry a lot. It's really interesting. I've always wondered why a smiley face is draw the way it is. Is there something more appealing about curve? I've noticed you can draw the mouth of smiley faces in abnormal ways and they still give that "happy" feeling. It really makes me wonder if there is some math involved in it. Okay, so you got me on ramble. lol. Sorry. I hope I was the niece you were talking about... Anyway, can't wait to see your quilt! :D

  2. Of course you were the niece I was talking about - you math ninja you!! I love it when you ramble....;-)


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