Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's All About The Math.....

Hello, all!

Well, that's the name of my newest quilt - "It's All About The Math". This is a sudoku quilt I made for my lovely niece Heather for her birthday. She's a math whiz so I thought this would appeal to her.

And you can see I pieced the back - the first time I've tried that! I just took some random leftover pieces from the front fabrics and put them together in a pleasing pattern, then added to it until I had a piece large enough for the back. I think it worked out pretty good - especially since, when I was reviewing the pictures my husband took, I noticed that the center of the backing looks like a monogram of two "H"s - my niece's initials! Unintended, but neat!

I think, from the tone of her Facebook post, that she likes the quilt - it's always fun to make something for someone who appreciates it!

Well, that's all for now - later!



  1. Love It!!! Very nice. I just bought a new quilt book and found several that I want to try. I finally got the backing for Zoey's quilt so I can finish her "Sun Bonnet Sue". YEAH!!


  2. What a fun quilt! And I love pieced backs...its like getting two quilts in one!!!


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