Friday, July 16, 2010

Come See What I Did This Week!!

Hi, all!

It was an eventful week!  I didn't get a huge amount of sewing for myself done this week - although I did get my blocks done for the Simple Sampler Quilt Along - you can see them here!  What I did do, though, was spend my mornings teaching eight grade-school girls to sew!

Aren't they gorgeous!  
I had such a ball with these kids - 
they were excited and engaged and said they really enjoyed the sewing - 
they even wanted to know what we were going to make next year at camp!
One girl even suggested learning to make quilt blocks
that could be joined up to make a "camp quilt"!!
Training up the next generation....  ;-)

And because camp is for learning about giving, too, 
here's a picture of all the girls with the fifteen pillowcases they made 
that will be donated to a local homeless shelter as part of the 

So that's what I did this week!  I'm linking up to 
Amy's Sew & Tell Friday, and Lush Stuff's Lush Friday!
Go check out what all those talented people have been doing!!




  1. What a special time and such adorable pillowcases! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  2. Those are some good-looking pillowcases and even cuter girls! It's great you are willing pass on your sewing skills. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

  3. Extremely humbled and impressed with the class and their huge hearts! But they've got a great example to follow then!

    Bless you for doing this! Fabulous Friday Finish!

  4. How sweet! What a wonderful group of kids, and their pillowcases turned out beautifully! (I'm still laughing about the "horse's head." No, I hadn't heard that one before, but it's a good description of that...thingie, whatever it is called!)

  5. wow what a great job they did...

  6. Love your blog! And what a fun week..cute pillowcases!

  7. They're just adorable and they did a good job! I'm glad you had so much fun with them.

  8. I bet those girls had a great day too. It's lovely to see them sewing at that age. Keep up the good work Sarah, Happy lush friday .Thanks for linking up. Andrea

  9. That must have been so much fun! So glad these young ladies are excited about their work.

  10. How special-teaching kids to sew and to give! Wonderful!

  11. They will always remember this!! How cool.

  12. I bet these kids had the best time! And their contribution is such a great cause. I just have to comment on your blog layout -- adorable. Such a quilty experience. Take care, Jamie

  13. Teaching in it's self is rewarding so I can imagine how much joy you must feel. It looks like the girls had a blast and you have planted the sewing/quilting seed.

  14. Your young students should feel so proud! The pillowcases turned out beautifully, and they are going to such a good cause.

    Way to go Sarah!

  15. that looks like so much fun!! You just succeeded in getting the next generation all excited about what WE're excited about! How wonderful!


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