Monday, September 6, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #11! (And an upcoming Giveaway!)

Good morning, all!

The view from my workroom/dining room window!

Can you see my little friend out there in the woods?
behind the 4th trunk from the left...
It is a BEAUTIFUL day in Middle Tennessee - the sun is shining, it's about 60 degrees outside - and it's a holiday!!  Yipee!!  And - - - first thing this morning, checking my e-mail, I found out I had won 99 apple-core die cuts from Vickie over at Spun Sugar Quilts (she got a little over-zealous with her new GO! Cutter and I was the lucky recipient of her zeal!!)  Those are going to be really fun to play with....

So now, it's time to see how I did on last week's list - - -

1.  Quilt and bind the completed flimsy for the quilt ministry.  Done!  I love the way this one turned out -it's going to be hard to give it away!  

2.  Pull and cut fabrics for the fourth quilt for the ministry; package in small kits to distribute to fellow quilters to work up blocks and return.  Done!  I gave out four kits, and have one of them back so far - the others to arrive Wednesday.  

3.  Pull fabrics for the fifth ministry quilt.  I haven't done this (physically) yet but I have a very good idea of which fabrics are going in the pile....

4.  Choose a pattern for a gift quilt (October birthday!)  I spent yesterday afternoon on the boat looking through magazines for inspiration and doodling in my design book - I think I've come up with a design to use.  Some tweaking today and a test block should answer that question.

5.  Help my friend made a Jacob's Ladder pillow for her son's new college dorm room!  Done!  We had a great time working on it together and it will be delivered today in a college care package!

6.  Enter every AccuQuilt GO! Cutter give-away I can find!  (Can you tell I really want one of these?)  SO DONE!  I sure hope this is a lucky week for me......  keep your fingers crossed!!

And now, this week's goals..........

1.  Sew up blocks and finish a flimsy for the fourth ministry quilt.  (This one is for a young man in Louisiana, so we'll call it the Louisiana quilt for now!)

2.  Organize fabrics received last week through donations into the stash.

3.  Pull fabrics for the fifth ministry quilt.  (This one is for a family moving into a house our church is building, so we'll call this one Welcome Home!)

4.  Lay out my Bee Splendid blocks and number for sewing into a flimsy. (I think I may go roll up the living room rug and do this right after I finish this post - hubby is out running and I might have just enough time to do it!)

5.  Prepare for my 100th post GIVEAWAY!   (I guess that means I've got to figure out how that Random Number Generator works!)

Yes, that's right - if you'll look in the right sidebar, you will see that this is my 98th post - which means that my Friday post will be #100 - and that means GIVEAWAY!  I have a great set of fat quarters especially purchased for this purpose, and who knows what else might make its way into the pot?  So if you've just been blurking (blog-lurkers, you know who you are!) you might want to make a comment on Friday!

So - - - have a great Labor Day, be safe, and I'll see you back here on Friday!!!  (Tuesday, too, I hope!)



PS  Check out this giveaway!  Lots of really cool stuff to be given away at The Quilted Fish!!!


  1. And they are all done! Good for you. Looking forward to the giveaway!

    Lovely view! We also have little friends around here too..trees are on neighbors property, but we see them sometimes in our pasture...

  2. Yay for winning the apple cores! Can't wait to see what's up for the giveaway:)

  3. Oh, your morning visitor is neat! I like your gray finish, too, how cool to be doing these for the ministry. Good luck in the GO! giveaways, I've entered several (9) no luck so far....

  4. You live in a beautiful area, Sarah. Way to go on that list! Great win too. I've made a couple of apple core table runners (hand-pieced. Love them!

    Hoping this is your lucky week on the Accuquilt Go Cutter. :-)

  5. I bet your visitor is a lot of fun to watch.

    I really like the way that quilt turned out. You'll have to make a similar one for yourself now, right?

  6. I hopped over from Finished Friday, and I just have to tell you how much I love the gray quilt! Love the fabrics, design, color combo, everything. Quite inspiring and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled. Thanks for sharing!


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