Monday, September 20, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #13!

Hello, all!

Did you have a good week last week?  I did - I feel like I got a lot of stuff done AND I managed to do some house cleaning that had been long overdue!  So let's find out how I did on last week's list.....

1.  Make at least one reversible dress for a friend; she's ordered two dresses and a t-shirt, all with really cute appliques!  I actually finished both dresses!  The t-shirt can wait for a while, as she doesn't need it until November, so it's going on the back burner until I get some things finished that need to be done by early October.

2.  Finish the Louisiana quilt.  Done!  This block is so simple, but it makes a very dramatic quilt.  I think we'll be making several of these in the future, as it lends itself to being made scrappy!

3.  Cut out the pieces for the Welcome Home quilt.  All the pieces have been cut out, and the flying geese blocks have been sewn together!  A friend came over today and helped me sew them up during the Titans' football game - the Titans lost, but I feel like a winner now that those are done!

4.  Cut out the pieces for a birthday quilt.  I haven't cut them out yet, but I have figured the quilt on paper (to make sure I have enough fabric before I start cutting) and know exactly what I need to cut from each fabric.  

So what's on tap for this week?

Well, my in-laws will be in town this week, so I don't know how much sewing I'll actually have time to do, but here's what I hope to accomplish...

1.  Sew together the flimsy for the Welcome Home quilt.

2.  Plan the design for the back of the quilt, using a paper-pieced house design and possibly siggy blocks for the people who volunteered on the house.

3.  Complete the backing for a sudoku quilt top made by my friend and fellow-ministry-quilter Pam.

4.  Cut out the birthday quilt pieces (Boy, I wish I had a GO! Cutter!!!!  Lots of cutting these days.....)

That's enough for now.  Maybe too much.  But what's a week without goals???

So the question now is, what will you be doing this week??



PS - check out the great giveaway going on at JayBird Quilts!


  1. Oh My -- you have a busy week ahead. Really loved the "Louisiana" Quilt. I will give you my "wishes" for the GO....I wouldn't mind having one, but I LOVE to rotary cut. I can spend hours sifting through my scraps cutting them into useful sizes. Take Care.

  2. Way to go Sarah! You just keep on amazing me.

    My goal for this week is to maintain my sanity. :-)

  3. i think this week i am going to try to start my FMF quilt and this evening i committed myself to making a quilt for a friend with breast i will atleast be pulling fabric for this.

  4. Your goals were mostly attained. Mine goal this week is to get most of the Paganini stitched together.


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