Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scrap Happy Summer Parade!

Hi, all!

Well, Em over at Em's Scrapbag has been hosting Scrap Happy Summer - and it's time to show all the scrappy projects from this summer!!  So here are my entries in the Scrap Happy Summer Parade.....

"Sail On"

"Caribbean Reflections" front

"Caribbean Reflections" back

"Peaceful Paisley" front

"Peaceful Paisley" back

Summer Oranges (front)
Summer Oranges (back)

And yet, even with all this scrappy sewing, the scraps keep reproducing.........   So I guess I'll just have to keep on sewing!!!   The sacrifices we make........ ;-)

Be sure to check out what everyone else has done with their scraps this summer over on Em's Scrapbag! There's lots of inspiration there.....




  1. boy, have you been busy. Love the quilts you have done this summer. Good job.

  2. Four lovely quilts in 3 months...and piecing the backs as well! Very good! I have to stop sitting at this computer!

  3. I really like how the backs are a quilt all their own:)

  4. The Sailing quilt is my favorite. I am more and more attracted to on-point settings.

  5. Beautiful scrappy quilts. I'm really lovin' "Caribbean Reflections"


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