Friday, September 17, 2010

Sew&Tell Friday - Lots to Share!!

Hi, all!!

Wow, it's been quite a week, hasn't it?  I've got lots of things to share with you today, but first I want to show you a quilt my friend Pam finished this week!

Pam is a very lucky lady - her mother-in-law is a clown, and in the past had bought bolts of fabrics that she made her costumes out of.  Well, she let Pam dig around in the fabric closet, and Pam found the wonderful clown print fabric in this quilt.

The balloons and balls in the print made the choice of quilt pattern easy - Circle Around by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts!  I think Pam did a fabulous job on this quilt - and she pieced her back, too, which was a new experience for her.   And it looks great!

I managed to completely finish both of the little reversible dresses I was making for a friend.  I think they came out really nice!

And I quilted and bound the ministry quilt for the boy in Louisiana today!  I think I'm going to call this one Bayou Dreams.

It's made by the block design that Fat Quarterly is doing a quilt-along with right now - it's a great block and works up really easy!

 Our version is scrappy, and I actually made up kits and gave them out to some of the ladies in our sewing group to make blocks; then I used their blocks and some of my own to make this top.

It's about 60" square, my go-to size for these ministry quilts.

Then I ended my day with some heavy-duty cleaning - yuck!!  When my husband called to tell me he was on his way home, I told him what I was doing and he actually asked me when my evil twin, the one who doesn't clean, would be home!  But at least he took me out to dinner - Five Guys burgers and fries - yumm!!

I'm going to be linking up to Amy's Sew & Tell Friday, and Andrea's Lush Friday.  I'm going to miss out on Amy's link-up next week, because I don't have an Amy Butler project that I'll be able to post - too many things that have to get done to take time out to make anything else.  Is anyone else in that predicament?  If you'd be interested in a one-time linky party for those of us who haven't gotten in on the Amy Butler party, let me know in your comment - if there's enough of us, I'll try to set something up on my blog!

So what have you done this week?




  1. I want to call your friend's quilt the Twister quilt. It reminds me of that game. Very fun!

    The dresses are adorable. I really like the spider web print on the inside of the second one.

  2. i think the linky party is a great idea...i am still on the fence about the amy butler challenge. i don't really have any of her fabric or any ideas. your friends quilt is so colorful, but i must admit that clowns scare me a little. you had a very productive week...great finishes

  3. I especially like that last quilt with squares. so nice. I like your idea to give people little "kits" ready to sew together! I will not be making anything with Amy Butler I may link up with you next week.

  4. How the heck do you get anything else done! Especially love the second quilt, good job!

  5. Pam's quilt is delightful! I'm partial to blocks with round seams. The little dresses are adorable. Very cute for Halloween. And Bayou Dreams came out wonderfully. It just goes to show a quilt block doesn't have to be complicated to be pretty.

  6. Lots of fun projects! They all turned out great!

  7. They're all nice finishes but your Bayou dreams is my favorite!

  8. Your little dresses are just so precious - I'm dying from the CUTE of the Halloween one, lol! Bayou Dreams is beautiful, and I'm sure it's recipient will appreciate it :) Pam's quilt is lovely too - very colorful and fun!

    Today I finished up a baby quilt (a gift for my sister to give to someone), and 2 zipper bags (Christmas gifts). I'm working through my Christmas sewing list - very slowly! ;)

  9. Your reversible dresses are so adorable. The Bayou Dreams is very pretty.

  10. You were busy this week and your dresses are adorable. I really love the pattern on the quilt. It's looks great. (I also have an evil twin...)

  11. That circle quilt is such a happy quilt! It does remind me of Twister, the game.

    Your reversible dresses are just adorable! Love the appliques. Bayou Dreams finished up very nicely, love it.

  12. I agree with Leslie, that clowns can be scary. But the ones in Pam's quilt are too cute to scare me! I love how well they work with the bright solid circles.

    Your dresses are SO CUTE! Those witch feet are adorable, and I Love the way the pumpkin dress reverses to something that can be worn year round.

    Beautiful work!

  13. I love the clown quilt, very colorful and bright, how can one not feel happy, warm and cozy while snuggled up in side it?????
    The halloween dress is very cute, I love the purple witches boots!

  14. You've been busy! Great finishes. Really love the colors in the ministry quilt. Thanks for sharing!


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