Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #4! Tuesday's Treasures, Too!

Hi, all!

It's starting to feel normal not to have a toddler around two extra days a week - but I am still really glad to see her at 2:00!  It's a lot of fun to see her face light up when she sees me at the classroom door....

OK - so today, I mailed my Bee Splendid blocks that I made for Carrie - she wanted variations on string blocks, incorporating the Kona Snow and the bright blue square in each block.

I also now have sixty-two blocks for the Louisiana quilt done; there's another twenty-four out in other people's hands; and I've started cutting out the last fourteen to sew up.  Hopefully on Thursday I can finish up that flimsy!

I organized this week's new fabric donations, too - all folded and put away in the stash cabinet!

And - - - I finally found a pattern I like for a special quilt for someone's birthday, plus I stopped by my LQS (local quilt shop for those of you who don't have all the acronyms down yet!) and found two more fabrics to add to the mix for this quilt.

Plus - I cleaned out another silver dollar-sized lump of lint from my sewing machine - much to my granddaughter's amazement!  She wants to try cleaning it out now!!

So I think all in all, it was a productive Tuesday!!

And now...... Tuesday's Treasures!

This lovely little sofa was a part of my great-grandfather's law office furniture when he was a young lawyer just starting out in Smithfield, North Carolina in the early 1900's!  He became a pretty well known name in North Carolina politics, and served as chairman of the board for Nationwide Insurance.  I got to know him pretty well as a child; he died the summer I was twelve.  But I remember him as a very loving man who played a mean game of double solitaire (and I mean "mean" - he would slap your hand if you played on his cards!); he loved to fish and would always start a competition for who could catch the biggest fish, and almost always seemed to lose.  He played the organ and loved his family.  When he was with Nationwide Insurance, we got to fly on the company jet with him - I remember how cool that was, because the plane had tables and seats that faced directions other than towards the front!  So anyway, this sofa reminds me of all the great times I had with my great-grandfather.

Apparently, Lilli likes it too - she and her entourage play on it a lot!!  So I tell her about her great-great-great-grandfather and hope she remembers stories about him when she gets older......

I'm going to hook up with Tuesday Treasures over at Clare's Craftroom - be sure to go by there and see all the neat treasures!!

And don't forget - This is post #99 for my blog - come back Friday for my 100th post and a GIVEAWAY!!




  1. Love the blocks and what a great treasure!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That is a beautiful piece of furniture - lovely story to go with it.... So nice to see it being enjoyed

  3. A very special piece of yesteryear furniture and a great story. Love that it is still in use today.
    (((HUGS))) Roz.

  4. What a lovely treasure and the little girl too ! Thanks for showing us and playing along .
    Congratulations on being 99 , posts that is , lol !

  5. A VERY productive Toddler-less Tuesday I'd say.

    Very neat little sofa--and a terrific bunch of memories to go with it.

  6. Thank you for the story, I love that you keep your sofa and your stories alive for your granddaughter. She'll remember like she knew him.
    Your Bee Blocks turned out great! I'll be sure to stop by Friday, 100 whoohoo!

  7. Thanks for sharing those blocks!! I love that idea and how they turned out, so cute!

    Congrats on your (upcoming) 100th post! So exciting, I'll be sure to stop back.


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