Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #6! Tuesday's Treasures, Too!

Hi, all!

I'm so proud of myself - despite the fact that I have a houseful of company, I managed to get something done today!  Lilli went to preschool this morning, but I picked her up at lunchtime so that she could spend some time with her great-grandparents and eat lunch with them.  Apparently, great-grandparents take naps at the same time as toddlers, so while the house was quiet, I did some work!

I was hoping this morning to maybe get all of the blocks made for my Welcome Home quilt - well, see what I did!

All the blocks are assembled, AND I got it laid out in its final order.  Woohoo!!  I've pinned it to the quilt it's laid out on, so I'll be able to lay the quilt on my dining room table, remove a row at a time and sew it up.  

And I also made these siggy blocks:

Each of the people that volunteered to work on the house our church is building for the recipients of this quilt will be signing a block, and I'll work them into the backing for this quilt.  I've been working the backing design up in my head -  I can't wait to actually start working on it!

So, while it's not as much as I would like to accomplish, it's a whole lot more than I thought I'd get done today!

And here's my Tuesday Treasure......

This beautiful hobnail vase was at my grandmother's house the whole time I was growing up.  I used to love to look at the sun shining through it, and to touch the little hand-formed hobnails.  Once upon a time, there were eight glasses to go with it, but over time they got broken, so all that was left when my grandmother died was the pitcher - but I love love love it!  It sits on my mantel all year long, and now I can run my fingers over the little hobnails any time I want to!

I'll be hooking up with Tuesday's Treasures at Claire's Craftroom - be sure to check out all the neat stuff there!



PS - - Check out the AccuQuilt GO! Giveaway on Millie's Quilting!!!  These giveaways are starting to crop up again - hooray!!!


  1. Yeah!!! for nap time!! Love the quilt you're working on! lovely.

  2. Very cool! Great idea to pin it to the underlying quilt too. I spy a green that looks familiar. So glad you could make use of it. What a great idea to have a siggy block back for the volunteer builders.

    Your hobnail vase looks so nice. Makes me want to run my fingers over it too.

  3. Love the quilt, and the siggy blocks on the back are a great touch!

    I can see how the knobs could be Irresistible to touch! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Love the vase and now I know what they are called , ta! Thanks for showing us and playing along ,.

  5. Wonderful quilt. I like the idea of the siggy blocks on the back. What a great way for the recipient to remember all those that helped!

  6. i love that vase you have....it is so fun to have something like that from the past that has memory too. i love the quilt top you are working on. it looks great

  7. What a great vase and such memories for you....love the welcome home quilt tooo can you share the block size and flying geese size as would love to make one of these quilts.....many thanks


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