Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toddlerless Tuesday #7! Tuesday's Treasures, Too!

Hi, all!

What a day!  It started at 5:15 this morning when I got up and started in on the last of the binding on two quilts.  Then I moved on to laundry (no picture for that) since my hubby started asking if I was EVER going to do laundry again.

Laundry sorted and and a load started, I grab an afghan to put in the living room (hubby got cold this morning!) and head into the kitchen and my computer to pay some bills.   Back to the bedroom to pick up the shoes off the floor of the closet and put them back in the shoe racks.  (More than one pair on the floor confuses my hubby - he can't figure out where to put them!)

Off to pick up Lilli - then back to the house for breakfast.  After breakfast, my favorite little photographer's assistant helped me take pics of the quilts I finished binding earlier......

.....then it's off to preschool!  Back home, I get started on Lilli's princess dress.  She wants to be a princess for Halloween, plus she has a princess birthday party this Saturday, so this is the week!  Here's a pic of the princess in her almost-finished dress...

It just needs a zipper to finish it off, and I'll do that tonight or tomorrow.

I also printed out some info on Amy's Simple Sampler Quilt -Along, which I'm going to use to teach quilting techniques to the ladies in our church's Wednesday night sewing group starting next week.

No wonder I'm tired!!!  Whew!!!!!

Now I want to show you my Tuesday Treasure....

These two photos are some of my favorites!  The one on the left is my daughter, and the one on the right is my granddaughter - don't they look alike?  When I first showed my granddaughter the picture of her mom, she thought it was herself - it took her a while before she believed me that it was her mommy!  But  I just love seeing how things carry from generation to generation....  So these are my very special Tuesday Treasures!

So....... what did you do today?




  1. What a cute little assistant. The princess dress is so nice! She'll be the hit of the party.

    Today I entertained my two sick kids and pieced together a simple quilt top. It felt good. I haven't actually completed a top in months!

  2. She is adorable! My mom showed my son (almost 3) a picture of me when I was his age, and he insists it's a picture of him--even though I'm wearing a dress in the picture!
    I like your "toddlerless tuesdays." I usually have toddlerless tuesdays at least for part of the day. However, my mom (who takes my toddler) has been gone for two weeks! Thank goodness she will be back tonight! What would I do without my mom? Grandmas sure are great!! I hope I get to be one someday. I have friends that are grandmas already and they enjoy it!

  3. Look at all those beautiful curls! Your grandaughter is adorable, and I think can see why she thought she was her mommy.

    I finished piecing the hexagons for my quilt today. I am now waiting for a friend who will be visiting in few weeks to bring me the fabric I ordered for the borders.

    I also celebrated my oldest daughters 12th birthday.

    Hope that you are doing well.

  4. Oh Sarah, I could just snatch up Lilli and keep her forever! She is so cute! Love that curly hair! And that quilt! Love it!!

    I was sewing all day too. I started a quilt some time ago for my son but wasn't "feeling" it so I had put it away. I just have to do the binding and it's done :)

  5. That princess dress (and the little princess wearing it) is adorable!

    Girl, you get more done before I roll out of bed than I do all day!

  6. Could she be any cuter? That dress is the perfect for your little princess. Kids have a hard time realizing that adults were once their size. So funny!

  7. I think I lost my previous comment, so if you have two....

    You certainly have an adorable little model to show off your quilts. I especially like picture #3 where she's looking out from beneath quilt.

    Ah, your grand-daughter is going to have beautiful princess dress.

    I can see why she was confused by the two pictures. I thought they were both of her too!

  8. Love the pictures! Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable AND she makes a great assistant! Really need to find time to finish all those "started and not qite finished" projects that I have stashed. It has been so long on some of them I wouldn't be shocked if they were dry rotted by now.

    Amazing how much looks pass from gerneration to generation. My oldest daughter was about 19 when she kept looking at a pic and couldn't figure out where it had been taken cause nothing in the background looked familiar. Will never forget the look on her face as the color drained from her face when I told her that it was me at age 19. The look of horror that she had turned into her mother at such an early age was priceless! Connie C.


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