Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #26! A Very Productive Day!

Hi, all!

How did your Tuesday go?  Mine started early early this morning, when I dragged myself out of bed and tackled a stack of half-finished blocks.  Got those done before I had to go pick up Miss Lilli, and put them up on the design wall.

(While taking Lilli to preschool, I found out that you can buy a magic flute at an enormous green store for $8.00.  I'm not sure what a magic flute does, but Lilli has one!)

Got back to the house, sewed the blocks on the wall together and put a border on them.  Pieced the scraps into a back, and got ready to load it on the quilting frame.

Intercepted the propane truck so they didn't fill up my tank in April with gas I won't use until next November - woohoo!!  Grabbed a little lunch, read a little e-mail....

Back upstairs at noon.  Thought, "Hey, I can get this loaded on the frame and quilted before I have to pick up the Bug at 1:30!"  While pinning the last of the pieces on the frame, I got a call from a friend who was having trouble with some machine quilting.  Made the mistake of laughing at her dilemma (in a nice way, of course!)  Spent the next forty minutes trying to figure out why my sewing machine was giving me fits!!!  Lesson learned - be kind to everyone - payback stinks!!

Anyway, long story short - I finished up the quilt after I picked up Lilli, who very kindly let me use the quilter while she watched Tangled on my computer!  I got the binding sewn on, and here's my hand-work task for tonight....

So that's what I got done today.  I'm also totally excited about Hands2Help - I've seen lots of comments and e-mails about people already sending and/or receiving their fabric packets - there's lots of excitement out there!  I've also had some great feedback from sponsors, and there's going to be awesome prizes up for grabs at the end of the challenge!!

So what did you do today?




  1. You had a productive day! I'm back to doing house stuff so I've been painting walls and doors. I won't be sewing this week, but it's nice to get some other things done.

  2. wow, you were smokin today!!

    Curious what an enormous green store is AND what that magic flute does. Do I need one? lol :)

    Give Lilli a kiss on the forehead for me and tell her hello :)

  3. Goodness - you're quick!!! I don't know that I'd be able to get that much done in a week let alone a single day! Congratulations!!!!
    Also, it's an absolutely darling quilt - I love the quilting on it too!!

  4. Beautiful. The quilting on it is so nice!

  5. I suffered today with sewing machine problems too. I adjusted and tested tension muliple times, rethreaded over and over, cleaned, oiled, changed needles to larger and smaller (both new), picked out a whole row (60") of tight stippling, changed bobbins, crawled underneath to look and theorized the whole time. And in the middle of the night, I woke up and came up with new possibilities. My payback is saying to someone, "Oh, my machine rarely gives me a moments grief." ya well...

  6. Wow, what a nice busy day. It sounds like you got a lot done!!

  7. Wow! You rocked it today girl! I got the fabric in the mail - such a present waiting for me when I got home. THANK YOU!!!! Your day has inspired me to hit the sewing cave & work on my block. Thanks again!

  8. Goodness - what a great morning! I especially appreciate the part where you stopped the propane truck. They always like to fill us up at the end of the season - so sneaky!


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